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OK my fibro friends jus so you dont all worry i anm now gonna sit nd chill with a bag of cheesey shapes i love thenm £1 from poundland believe it or not !!!!

and a glass of orange juice followed by 2x co codamol and amitriptiline and 2 x apercap and 1 x citralopram think thats it lol

you would think with that lot i would be out for the count well i live in hope lol

enjoy your evening i may pop back on here when i get to bed will see if not will see you in the morning (well not see you but you know what i mean !) love to you all diddle xxx

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Night diddle , hope you manage to get some sleep.


Hi Diddle great to hear from you I was worried about you, hope you get a good nights sleep hear from you tomorrow take care love Violet xxo

A proper little feast you are having there Diddle, hope you enjoy!!. Hope you get some sleep too, love Angela xx

Hi diddle, enjoy your eve. chat tomor hunni. sweet dreams, big hug love Helen xxx

hope you enjoyed the treats,and that you get a good sleep tonight xxx


Good night - I Hope Diddle. I have Baclofen, Lyrica and even Zopiclone and you and I are often up at the same time in the early morning. Pain, anxiety, nightmares that make me prefer to be awake! I don't know but I wish you a very good sleep tonight.

Christine xxx

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