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Bit odd but will ask anyway ?

I have noticed that over the last few months my teeth have become very discoloured i brush them twice a day and i notice that my gums are sore and sometimes look like they are gradually being eaten away? anyone else have this , i dont think its any of the nmeds i am on but jus thought i woud ask it such a weird thing this fibro love to all diddle x

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It's funny you say that as I often wonder whether the meds have an impact on teeth. I have receeding gums at the bottom, thankfully they can't be seen. Now my top gums are starting to recide. I also have white spots appearing on my teeth.

I did ask my dentist if the drugs could have an effect on teeth and she said no.???

I hope you can get this sorted, do you floss?? It might help! xxx


Just found this online.... it looks like FMS, CFS and bowel problems can cause dental problems... Our mouths are dryer and don't make as much saliva and can go towards causing receeding gums...

And another...

Hope this helps! xx


Hi diddle, my dentist proberbly doesnt beleive me when i say i clean my teeth and use them teepee pegs twice a day and floss every night.

My gums are really bad always so sore and receding at the front.

I have benn taking calcium tablets as i have low calcium and my teeth feel abit stronger.

Like miss kittycat says aswell my mouth is always dry too.

kel xxx


I have had many problems with my teeth over the past few years - my dentist told me I had periodontal disease (the stage past gingivitis) and that it had gone past the point of being able to reverse it, but with proper flossing, brushing and mouthwash I might be able to stop it developing any further.

She and I were both shocked when I next went back - half of the recession had actually slightly improved!!! (I finally found a floss I can tolerate and set to it diligently lol)

I've lost several teeth too (all impacted wisdom teeth) and had a huge bone infection that spread to my jaw and the pain of that was horrendous (not to mention the strong antibiotics I had to take for 3 months, ugh!!) so I'm trying to really make an effort with tooth care since all that.

In my case smoking played a significant part in my tooth problems (my dentist told me that stopping smoking was the single biggest thing I had done to improve my oral health, closely followed by flossing!)

Once I'd stopped smoking, my teeth and gums really thanked me for it! I relapsed on the ciggies recently after almost a year off them, but have now been smoke free for 3 days again :) and I now have a cold lol!

I suppose the dry mouth theory also relates to smoking, as the smoke also dries out the mouth, and irritates it with all the chemicals as well.

I've recently restarted Amitriptyline and my mouth is noticeably drier - I suppose chewing on sugar free gum could be a good way to try and overcome that? (Although right now I'm sucking on a nicotine lozenge lol) xx


I suffer with dry mouth and receeding gums, my dentist tells me off every time I go he doesn't believe I brush every day or floss but I do.

It just doesn't seem to make any difference. I also get very worried incase I have bad breath cos of the dry mouth so use gallons of mouth wash!


I have Sjogrens and I know that causes problems because of the very dry mouth , I used to have lovely teeth but the last couple of years they've become discoloured and I have gum problems too .

I now visit the hygienist every 3 months which seems to help, but at £40 a time it aint cheap !



I am the same as you Helen I was diagnised with the Sjogrens same time a s the fibro in Feb this year.Did you know that SS also causes fatigue,brain fog and a mirriad of symptoms the same as fibro.

I have just in the last 1/2hr participated in a telephone medical survey about fobro fog.It was very easy and the nuero phcologost doing it said that they are fighting for us to be seen by buerologists and not rhuematologist.

As this has such an affect on our cognitive behaviour.It was so easy and she said it is nonsence as it is done when things are quiet and you can think more.

They want to do it in your home when maybe phones will ring(by them) there will be noise and someone asking you everyday things,and trying the test then.She knows the findings will be so different.

Hugs butterfly xx


sorry hunny neurologists and nuero phycologist.God it gets worse lol



It's ok Butterfly, I read Fibro doodle lol so I knew what you meant !

I think she's right, the more back ground noise there is the more my brain fogs .

Today I don't want anyone to talk to me , I mean talk if they're here with me, because it's giving me brain ache ! In fact , Rich's mouth is moving but the words aren't making sense ( hard to explain but hopefully you know what I mean ?) It's as if the words go into my ears but then get lost on the way to my brain lol. I've had to ask him and my son to give me some peace for a little while.

I was dx'd with Sjogrens before the Fibro and I think the symptoms are pretty similar to be honest .... but the dry mouth and eyes are so annoying . I often struggle to swallow food ( especially bread ) and my eyes always feel like I've got grit in them , even with the eye drops . Much worse at night when they're tired too.




Hi I am new on here, I have dental problems which involve receding gums, and softer teeth. My teeth are now actually wearing down, and I too also have to use artificial slaiva.I am going to make an appointment Tuesday as I have just lost a filling !



yes i do.. also i dont know if any of u feel like ur tongue hurts when u eat anything spicy or sometimes just a bit fruit xx


Hiya peeps, I'm new here. I also have problems with my teeth discolouring & feeling loose for a few days then tightening up again. I believe it is a problem with congestion in sinuses, which can also be a fibro thing. Prior to fibro my teeth were very strong & I had no problems. Take care everyone, xx


My gums are much better now I see the dental hygenist every three months although the colour is fading. This could be old age though lol!!! xx


I have a terrible dry mouth and bad acid erosion but i am sure that i have read the acid erosion is linked to my "Ehlers Danlos Syndrome". I also have continual mouth ulcers inside and outside my mouth. Jaw pain is usual too when chewing food. I would love to have nice teeth but cleaning etc. does not have much impact.


Dry mouth isn't really a Fibro symptom, but can be caused by medications or if you have something else alongside the Fibro, like Sjogrens.

Recurrent mouth ulcers are another sign of possible autoimmune conditions.

If you have any of these issues and haven't been diagnsoed with Sjogrens or something else autoimmune, see your doctor.


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