What happened to the pain fairy????

Oh well no visit for me last night another night of duvet everywhere cushions all over the place and watching ?! well i dont know all sorts of weird things on in the early hours you would think that alone would send you to sleep. so get up and legs/arms which for some reason feel like i have tied sand bags on them today? feet. fingers neck all ache and are in pain so looks like a day of jus trying to do what i can and reading my kindle which has been a god send a present from my partner as i was struggling to keep holding books so anyone out there who reads get a kindle they are fantastic took me few weeks to get my head round using it but i am useless at technology its surprising i am on here lol. i have got the £89 one from amazon or argos. well now walked the dog 5 min up road bless him he is happy now and now going to have cup of tea and start on the meds and jus go with the flow today no plans. Take care everyone and lots of love and soft hugs to you all and if i am a good girl perhaps the pain fairy will come tonight what do you think???????????????(lol)

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  • I love the idea of a pain fairy...she doesn't know where i live either!

    As to the kindle...an absolute blessing..would be lost without mine and mine too was a present from a thoughtful partner.

    I'm so enjoying the fact that dawn is breaking earlier as the nights don't seem quite so long...roll on summer!

    Coupled with the pain, i'm also suffering from the menopausal night sweats...sometimes you just have to laugh!

  • yep been there but not menopausal night sweats i own a onesy and wear it to sleep in you know basically a baby fleece all in one sleep suit so off i went to bed few weeks ago and had put my electric blanket on yep you guessed it dropped off only to wake up feeeling wet and thought i had had an accident but forgot to switch off blanket i was like a turkey in foil in the oven so dont forget to swith off blanket!!!! have a good day love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

  • lol me having the meds ha ha look like its going to be a good day ha ha least we can all have a laugh with each other and not get offended . have a good day and glad i made you smile love and soft hugs Diddle xxx oh and the dog who is crashed out on the chair oh how i wish it was me ?????!!!!!!

  • I didn't have a visit from the pain fairy, and neither did I get any effects from my painkillers as I was sick. So it was a rough night for me :(

  • awww hope you feel better now it horrible when that happens and now you dare not take extra meds and got to wait until you are due jus in case some are in your system. oh well lets hope today will be better for you i am sitting here looking at my lil dog curled up in a ball on the chair absolutely out for the count ! lifes not fair is it? you can guarantee if i do now go lay down my mob will go /house phone/doorbell cant win , will leave note out for fairy tonight and if i wish hard enough he/she may come what do you reckon on my chances ?????? love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

  • I find I get a switch in my pain in the evening, during the day its just nagging me, whereas at night i feel i can't physically move my arms or legs, like you said with the sand bags. Its a horrible feeling, and I feel so useless when my boyfriend has to help me get up to bed

  • yeah i know i like to be independent and dont want people to help but sometimes you have to give in jus 2 days ago my sister took me to costa coffeee for a hot choc(got to be done with cream and marshmallow) and a lady in wheelchair with mate pushing her got to door and my sis got up to hold it open and she was it ok i can do it i can do it i will be ok but she would not be able to the door is heavy without being at sitting height so she held it open for her but you could see she was embarrased and felt humiliated as someone had to help her and i thought to myself that was awful situation she was only about 35 ish but imknow i would be the same. i got myself a stick it folss up small but i have used it few times but only when i take dog on 1st walk bout 5.30 in morning if i havin a wobble day or jelly leg day as i call it. well now going to do something dont know what but somehing and jus see how day goes, sent 1 daughter off to work and my other daughter and 2 grandsons may pop over today so that will def put a smile on my face when my 2 favourite little men come to see me thats the best medicine i could wish for. you have a good one love and soft hugs Diddle xx

  • Christine, I am totally with you about typing odd things! It takes me as long to proof read before posting a comment as it does to write it! As for the words that come out of my mouth....I was trying to say chapel library' and it came out as 'flappery'...

  • Diddle...the day/night pain thing...I'm the same but I think there's probably little difference, just nothing to distract us at night so all attention is focussed on the pain!

  • I think the pain fairy was mugged by the pain monster who visits me almost 7 days & night every week LOL, after having a full nights ( WARNING I AM GOING TO SWEAR) full nights SLEEP on tuesday night last night was one hell of a rough night, i gave up trying to sleep in my bed as i didnt want to disturb my wife as she needs her sleep so she can work the next day, so it was a night of watching all of the rubish they like to show through the night on TV, aswel as a few hours of playing Professor Layton games on my daughters nintendo game thingy, a few games of solitare on the laptop and then began to watch breakfast TV.

    I am now sat here in loads of pain in my arms,legs,knees and back. i have taken my meds but i cant see them doing much to help toay,Oh well lets hope the pain eases off.

    Hope everybody has a good day with minimum pain

    CHORLEY :)

  • I like the pain monster who mugs the pain fairy, I to had a better night the but last night one hour two three four and on, had a appointment at 9 no parking so tired I could kill again watch out world :-(

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