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Do you know i think every night that i go up to bed and climb in i think to myself that i willget up in the morning and all thos fibro stuff will be gone !?

I am beginning to forget who i was and how i used to be before i had i fibro which is a shame as i dont wan t to lose hat , i jus keep thinking it is maybe like a bug of some sort but lasts a bit longer and one morning i will get up and be who i used to be and be able to walk for miles in the country and not stumbe that day but hay then i wake up and i been dreaming and i realise no this is it diddle you aint gonna get any better than you are now so we just have to muddle through and get on with it dont we?

love o you all diddle xxxx

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Dream on you wish and me :-) just come back from Norwich a GR8

Weekend a weeding :-) lovely peps now have to recover :-(

Sorry had to laugh you put weeding ipresume you meant wedding lol love to you and i done it myself but if you did enjoy weeding in nrwich that good too lol love diddle xc

ah Diddle, you just made me cry, it doesn't matter how long we have this thing, we never really come to terms with it and accept it as "a forever". I ask my partner if he remembers how I was before, I know It was far more energetic than this. Having a good few days at the moment energy wise despite venlafaxine withdrawal, but know I will pay for it.

Keep on wishing hun x

When your ypung and your elderly custimers are getting the likes of me in because they have the same syptoms that scares me and i have had to pay for help to help those who need help because like your thoughts diddle mine are the same as i have 'hope' or is it just a dream because i feel i want to expand and so i hold onto that thought of maybe i will wake and be normal again.

My elderly ask me to help do things and i struggle but will push myself at times because i think .. Well they live alone with no help and they still manage everyday despite having us in once a wk or fortnight. I am watching their weakness. It upsets me at times as i wander OMG will i make it to 50!!! 2 yrs i have had this but a life time had other things unknowingly ! Or would not be like this now. Then i read allll these msgs on here and how long ppl have had it so it must even out somewhere and come to a halt so it does not get worse! Xxx kerp smiling keep on having hope diddles cx

I'm so glad you said this - cos I do the same! I keep thinking I'll wake up one morning and I'll be better. Hasn't happened yet (5 yrs+) but I still find myself thinking it. Thought I was the only fool around.


I also think that this is a nightmare and one day I will be able to get out of bed and shower without help and walk to the door without wheels it makes me so sad each day when I don't wake up from the nightmare. Petal

Warm soft hugs to all ... I have tried many things and now I feel the best I have in many years, but still ... After 23years I looking for the Gold at the end of the Rainbow.One day folks someone will find out what it is all about.

I am the same keep hoping I'll wake up and it'll all be over. This did happen to me 10 years ago when I was first given Thyroid medication - it was like a miracle!!!!! But then gradually just wore myself out and back to square ine - bed bound with the occasional day off for good behaviour!!!!

wow really love diddle x

i think that every night to and that somebody will pinch me and i will wake up and be normal what ever normal is cuz at this moment im struggle to come to the full extent of it and i keep trying to be normal but then realising that im not i actually feel like crying at the mo gentle hugs to u all xx

cheers diddle im now well and truely beefing,lv and great big fluffy hugs fm me :) xx

It is so difficult. I keep hoping it'll pass and I can be who I once was. I'm going to try go back to work on a go slow but the thought I might not be able to do the sane things depresses me. Din't feel like I can be me anymore. Any exertion makes me feel so bad the next day. Had a cold now for two weeks and it's so bad can't do anything. I used to be able to just carry on. I just hope it diesn't stop any recovery I may be having.

Fairycazzie I so get what you said about feeling like an elderly person. I sometimes get overtaken by more elderly people in the stairs cause my legs shake. I end up laughing about it in the end but does make me feel liks a cripple.

I don't want to accept my condition but I guess I have to.

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