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New shoes new shoes a problem for some of us my poor feet are now bandaged but even beofr that the size alone gave me troubleS

Size I hear you all cry well yes 8 6x pretty no gigantic yes width is terrible problem at moment left foot is 5inches higher than right. This winter I managed to fin a pair of boot/shoes that just went around now spring is coming and even though I dont get out often I must cover them.- So I searched found spring shoes they arrived Hurrah I jumped for joy well I would have - they are red fairly ok and would have fit my bill brilliantly however the left will not be encouraged to go on and to do it up was just a mile too far. So now crest fallen I wrap them back up and prepare for sending them back no ther is nothing in the catalogue that I could swap for ------------ Please could I have some smart red shoes to wear this year? Ok got the message I shall try mens shoes now after all they are bigger than ours arent they! :) xgins

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I dread changing seasons as it takes my feet ages to settle into seasonal shoes....dread the sandal season.

could you get ur shoes specially made perhaps?


Hey gins I share your problem .. As I have lovely comfy moulded to fit insoles , but do they fit in normal nice shoes.... Not a chance... This winter I managed with some fairly nice boots but had to have a size larger to get the insoles in... Spring summer ... I just have to buy trainers trying on every pair I like that my insoles will fit in... Needless to say I am restricted to jeans or track suit bottoms ... At least In summer I can cropped jeans with trainers....

VG xx



I have the same problem with size 8 width fitting EEEEEE the only shoes I find comfortable are the boots from shoezone that look a bit like Dr Martins but various coloured and shoes from Cosyfeet OK Not fashionable but comfortable and come in red.


I dread buying shoes - unless they're ultra soft and smooth, I just can't wear them!

Trainers are too hot. so I'm left with Vans canvas shoes in the summer and padded wellies in the winter.

I have wardrobe full of beautiful shoes which I could never walk in - but I keep buying them anyway!

I have this awful disease called 'Imelda Marcosis'! :D

Moffy x


I too . Suffer from the Marcos . Disease cannot pass a lovely pair with out pain xgins


Maybe it is due to fibro I have a very bad swelling in my right foot and now my left has decided to join it!! Dr did not seem to know why x ;-(

There is always something!

Rainbow x xx


Trust me to be different...... I have always had really preally narrow feet and can remember being taken up to London with Mummy to buy shoes for school as well as home, it would always end with my dear Mother having to have them made. Even in those days when there were such things as A and AA fittings, they were still too wide. I end up now lusting after brogues, because, they lace up.....hoorah.....they will,stay on the feet, slip ons are slip offs for me. I have one ancient pair of navy blue Bally shoes with a slight heel, they just about stay on my foot, but now I have inherited the family bunion that brings more excitement to the hideous task of shoe buying.......I am so envious of you moffy and gins being excited bynshoes, to me it's a nightmare. Oh and things like flip flops....well hate the rubbing between the toes and end up tripping myself up over them. As ever, I'm an accident waiting to happen !!!

Foggy x


Fibrogoggiest honey I would love to be able to go shoe buying but they no longer make them big enough now it makes me soooo sad mostly I have nothing to put on my feet at all I am try mens next week fingers crossed xgins


Sorry gins, that must be just soo hard for you,, I wasn't meaning I was worse than anyone, just that I had the opposite prob to most people. It must be just horrid for you and I really really hope you manage to find something suitable next week. Will keep fingers and toes crossed for you.

Gentle hugs Foggy x


I wear "flyflots" or "birkenstocks" the soles mould to your foot shape.

I got mine from Pavers, they're on sky and online. or qvc or Ideal World

they take a little getting used to at first , say ten mins pottering around the house a few times a day. you can try for 14 days.

they have one-touch fastening and fit narrow to wide.

hope they might help.



i find that shoes which were fine last summer are no longer comfortable as my feet change shape due to my form of arthritis

i was adviced by my orthopeadic consultant to wear trainers as they cushion the joints but i love wearing maxi dresses and skirts and wide size 8 trainers just don't work

i have never been able to wear high heels and now my balance is bad i wiuld end up with even more bruises


you can get trainers in mary jane styles.


weird feet should be put forward as another fibro symptom - mine vary in size during the day and I am now wearing rocking shoes or post-op shoes to try and allow me more mobility' However, the screaming/ aching/ numbing /burning pain limits my walking to 30 metres - with the wheelie walker I can go further and sit and have a rest when needed. I don't have the climate problems a lot of you have as I live in Oz - my best wishes to you all


hi do you have the same problems there? I have the same feet the go from larger to corking by the end of the day and shoes well its a laugh nothing goes on and I dont go out :) keep smiling xgins


I am very lucky in the shoe department, I'm an itty bitty kids size 3 and if they're swollen I usually get away with a 4 or 5 at a push.


wows a three that is dinky :) xgins


Lol yep - half price shoes (just got to watch out for the hidden barbie logo) lol xx


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