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Well my sister is hounding me to go to her and her partners house party tonight it is few of there friends no kids jus adults but i not a drinker not on the meds i am on !!!! and i dont really know alot of the people that are going and they are real heavy drinkers (not in a bad way ) jus once they start they really get going into the red wine and stuff, i really dont feel like going and my partner has sold a bike on e bay ansd man collecting it betwwen 7 and 10 pm tonight so he cant come so i think i will pop my head in at 7 when it starts stay and hour to hour and half then shoot off that way she wont be offended and i will be ble to get me onsey on and watch the voice and briain got talent woo woo so hope you all ok and will be prob be back on her later or sunday love to all Diddle x

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have a nice time diddle :) xxx


Your idea defo sounds like a good one Diddle, couldn't think of anything worse that a whole night of partying. God, makes me sound like a right old party pooper but these days I can't keep up with the pace of things. A couple of hours then its time for the jarmies and slippers to go on and feet up!. Take care x


Oh that brings back memories, popping into and out of parties after 'serving my time'. I can't really enjoy things like this any more, it's not much fun when you can't drink - not that I was a big drinker at any time - and I can't stand without my crutches and sitting for any length more than a few minutes in any seat but my own luxury leather executive chair which is 'set' for me is a nightmare. Flashing lights, loud music and cigarette smoke, the list goes on and on ...

Boy do I sound like an old biddy who can't stand to let anyone have a good time because she doesn't like it!!

Hopefully you won't suffer any long lasting side effects and will soon be home in your comfy clothes, in your comfy seat and relaxing once again. Have fun if you can and if not then I hope the time passes quickly for you!!


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