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Oh dear i cannot believe that jus 10 mins on a wii yesterday with my grandsons have left me in so much pain !!!! my arms are so sore and painful they feel like they are not part of me i have been awake narly all night again (well had about an hour sleep .

I dont think i will be doing anything today especially nothing that includes using my arms lol

hope you all had a ggod night love to you diddle x

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Hi Diddle,

I also have had 1hour sleep

Just can't drag myself out of bed today though. All my energy has been sucked out of me. I amgoing to keep in bed all day. Today i have lost all will power to live and breathe, surely there is more to life than this.


sorry called you boonie instead of bonnie lol good start


oh dear boonie lass i have got up as my spine was so sore especially my cocsyx i know that not the right spelling lol so i jus had to get up i have took the dog to top of the road and had some meds and now going to have a coffee i cant believe jus typing this is making my arms feel like i am lifting weights at the gym lol oh well i hope you do manage to feel better later i not really doing anything today love to you diddle x


oh diddle - i know just what you mean! we got a wii a couple of months ago and as i used to playtennis in my former life - i thought how easy it would be!! yeah right! well let me tell you im a 100% girl. if i do something i give it only 100%. i was absolutely knackered too - and hurty...well my arms shook so much i couldnt eat peas for a week!

i have my kids age 8 and 10 and hubby all laughing with me tho!

hope you have sunshine and rest today. loads a love xx


lol yeah that is exactly what it was like xxx love diddle x


ohh diddles, the things we do to please others and try show that all is ok.

ou do it for the kids as you want to show you still can perform lol .But it is worth it for the kids. i too if do anything one day i suffer for about 3!! on Friday i was in tears! i just could not help it. i run a cleaning business (very small as was just me) but had to employ just to save the customers i have built up. I love doing the job but have given up the past 2 yrs! i keep trying but like you on the wii (to the point) i tried to help a little after chauffering because due to fuel prices i cannot afford to drop them off and go home and go back as car sharing as it is since mine was written off! I woke that morning unusually unbearably stiffer and un balanced than normal and had to use sweeping brush in kitchen to walk around then went off work got in one of houses i just could not move arms about and base of back, spine neck hands were just awful. I get very frustrated when i cannot do anything. So my advice is diddlesy just do little and often to keep mobile and rest do bit more and rest. I wish i could afford to close up its stressing me so much xxxx


loving the names for me lol yeah too much trying to be who i was not who i am lol love to you fairy fizzly lol love diddle x


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