I finished the 1st book today in the triology 50 shades of grey and started the 2nd one my daughter started it at 2pm yesterday and finished it at 7 pm tonight she could not put it down it is pretty steamy in places and believe me some of the things in there make me ache jus reading them lol

Anyway i hope you are all well i have been in town today and also shopping and sitting on my bed all afternoon now had a lovely bath and am in agony all over my body think it is the day trip to windsor catching up with me and the lack of sleep lo still getting up at 4 am !!!!!

I am hoefully going to see my daughter and 32 grandsons sat with my other daughter and thats it really

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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  • loved those books

  • Tried to get it from asda but they sold out , i will phone in morning to see if they have had a delivery . Is it worth it Diddle xx

  • oh yes, I learned quite a few things from it

  • Still on first one as concentration not so good, but since my kindle have started to read again

    Soft hugs xx


  • same as you penny still on the first, different is all i can say about them! lol anne xx

  • yeah they are worth reading but be warned they are very explicit lol love diddle x

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