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i parked right in the centre of town only popping in for an hour but ended up there 3 hours and by half way i was a right old jelly legged miss kiss i really was it was a funny old sight to see me wobbling around all over the place i think people thought i had just come out of the pub lol

it is horrible when your legs do that i call them my jelly legs

i hope you are all ok i am now getting in a hot bath so hopefully my legs will come back to life

have a lovely evening and dont forget it s X factor tonight woo hoo love diddle xxx

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Lol i was just going to pop on a Q about this!

I just been (no choice) last bits for school and only done an hour if that and felt like Mrs soft rather than advert mr soft the mint thats soft in thr middle lol.

I look like am drunk aswell so think this is going to be a stick with me to hand in future as its getting ridiculous the change in 2 yrs 4mnths .

Does it not kind of worry you diddle whats next?

I have hypermobility too so think that op trauma has truggered it off because as much as had since born and lots of hospitilised illnesses over years how on earth can something like this do it to you lol. Am sure people think i been out to pub and i keep saying to myself puck yourself up woman you can do better than this!!

Its not for lack of excercise either at all sunce its excercise that provokes it.

I was such a vibrant energetic gymnast sort.

Puh the joys ayyyyy

Xxxxxxxx i have not moved off sofa


hi well how weird i have been about 2 years 4 months too mmm strange and i have gotten significantly worse in the last year so i do worry yes how bad will itget that is why i go round like a whirlwind some days but a memever once said toi me i msilly as she was the sam and now she can hardly do anything so i reallymshould listen to my body more i do listen but i ignoreit so i push and push and i dont tell anyone either what i am really feeling like i dont liketo feeel that i cant do things i like to dothings myself i am fiercely independaent always have been i am 47 next thurs by the way

love to you diddle xxx


yes weird Diddle how much i guess we have similarities and still as you say 'fiercly' independant and push push push! We do not listen enough and do things that make us end up sat and not move!

It is just that i notice some things you say i think blimey i am the same .

i had to do school shopping last wednesday aswell and did not get out of bed until 2pm and then was in shops and never knew how exhausting it was and no disability parking badge and had to do a rite treck to other side of shopping centre, i link arms with my 11 yr old who would just whizz and i just snail trail along lol .

My brain thinks do it move faster but it just not seem to beable to and i find that Dr's MUST know what is ahead but will not say as there is a pattern on events as much as unpredictable!!! it is how your body becomes and i seen and i know in my head whats happening and so keep trying to avoid and say its not happening but yet contradictably i know it is.

i am barely hanging on to the work i do even for the light work. concentration, memory, focus on everything forgetfulness acting weird.. my daughters say i stare a lot too huh ... but last year i did this badly and this year its different.. like everything that happened last year was more sharp and electrifying but this year is differnt?? i am slowing down big time!! .

anyways satdy nite i have put some music on as hubby on xbox and i sat beside him in dining room chair padded up llol talking on here patiently loving to chat lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i hope something is found to help each and everyone the same instead of mix n match pills etc and seemingly never ending on being properly stable.

would much prefer an injection to all the medication something to last months instead of trying to remember if and when took pills all time.. and we are only aloud so many too and when flares nothing helps at all .. ohh i talk talk


Hi I noticed you try to remember if you take your pills on time I stick reminders in the calendar of my mobile phone it tells me what I have to take and when just a suggestion thought you might find it helpful or not the choice is yours . Ttfn Sithy


It's frustrating isn't it? When you get a diagnosis you expect a cure - it seems right and fair.

I know I must be a terrible person but when we moved into this house 4 years ago I discovered the lady next door was having chemotheraphy for Brain cancer. I envy her!!!! Why? Because she is fit and well now, back at work, riding and mucking out her horses .... she is cured and has her life back. That sounds such an awful thing to say .... but I want to be cured as well!!!

Maybe someone somewhere is researching this horrible, spiteful condition and will come up with a cure for us. There is so much not known about DNA, the human brain, stem cell posibilites ... surely there has to be something for Fibromyalgia on the horizon?

Julie xx


Hello jelly legged brethren I quit the jelly leg brigade a long time ago in favour of my wheelchair which I hated my hubby bless him was trawling through disability scooters on eBay he got lucky he managed to bag one for the amazing price ov just £40 it just needed a new fuse and new batteries that was another £40 it's great I don't spend half asmuch time in town I'm still worn-out by the time I get home but I no longer have the jelly legs, it fits in the car just nicely . Biggish gentle hugs all round . Sithy. Ps I asked a few years ago about the possibly of the condition being researched I was told not enough people with the condition to warrent the cost .


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