OMG!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIVE IT !!!!!!!!!

Well I have just got home and opend my post (nothing exciting there i hear you all say?1 ) But "YES" there is I actually GOT my BLUE BADGE !!!!!!!!!! woo woo i applied for it on monday via the post and It has come today and i cannot believe it !!!!! I am so pleased they have granted me one it will help me so much on my bad days when you can hardly put one foot in front of the other , so please anyone who is wanting to apply jus go for it you never know. Just fill in the form truthfully like i did and they have recognised Fibromyalgia i actually feel now that people are listening to me that it is not in my head i cannot walk far anymore. Good luck if you applying. love to you all Diddle x

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  • Woop Woop! Having a pretty good day so doing the Happy Dance over here for you! (Might need a sit down in a moment though haha)

    Brilliant news just before I go into work - thanks for sharing!

    Spirit x x x

  • Bless you jus want people not to give up and to recognise US that we are not imagining it all and we need HELP so i hope others apply and are successful hope work goes ok and thankyou for your lovely comment i am now sitting down the excitement of a blue badge has done me in ( how sad) but it will help me soooo much You all go for it the worst can happen is a no and then you re apply love to you Diddle x

  • hey diddle what good news for you hun, i am well pleased for you ti will make life much easer for you ...ooopppsss spelling again sorry xx

    well done x:)

  • Yes it will thankyou soo much love to you Diddle x

  • Really pleased for you! yay xx

  • :)

  • Thankyou for your smiley love to you Diddle x

  • fab news! No-one without FM would understand why we are soo excited over a piece of cardboard!! Just dont forget to display it!!

    loads love


  • yes it was worth it , i really thought that would shrug and say fibro so what ? but maybe people are now beginning to realise what fibro is? and just how it affects our lives. Yes it has made by day that little piece of plastic, and not only that it has given me some life back so now i can park near to the shops without worrying about getting back to the car , hope you having good day love to you Diddle x

  • Yes thats so true although we are all linked with the fibro, we also all have other things wrong be it back injury or other illnesses that are hand in hand with fibro that we all need different meds and treatments and not always for the same thing , its interesting to hear everyones take on fibro and how they came to get it and other ailments they have, i am glad that acupuncture works for you, i have never tried it they were going to give it to me then said it would be waste of time for me ??1 so that was the end off that, hope that not taking any tablets does not mess you up later or sunday you want to be full of it for mothers day, i have got cards on the side and couple presents as if i havent had enough the last 2 days . oh well you take care now and i would just like to say a very big thankyou to you this last week you have really helped alot you dont know how much with your advice/laughs and views so thankyou very much love Diddle x

  • good news diddle, well done and enjoy that badge here in Wales it entitles you to get over the bridge for free

    Hugs x

  • Excellent news Diddle mine has been a godsend at times that is for sure, hope it makes your life much easier for you. Ruby xx

  • Thankyou i would never have applied had i not joined this site so it really is down to all you and all your support and advice love Diddle x

  • congrats diddle! another milestone overcome! xxx

  • Yes a big one one for me it will help me so much it really will love to you diddle x

  • Its so good to hear stories like this, sooooo pleased for you diddle.

    kel xxx

  • Yes i like to hear others news too it cheers me up and i feel as happy for them getting something as if it were me love to you diddle x

  • Smashing it helps not only yourself but others round you in many ways. Happy parking lol xx

  • Yes now i dont have to think twice about going to the shops or the bank i can just go so it is really lovey love to you Diddle x

  • Congratulations,I got mine this time last year,what a difference it makes.

  • Well done Diddle

    I really must get mine in the post

    The photograph is the stumbling block for me, because I just don't go out, only for hospital appointments, but I guess I need to get to one of those Photo Booths?

    Anyone know of a different way to get the photos needed please?

    J x

  • Yes if you have got a passport photo just scan it and then print it off that is fine or if yoy have camera get someone to take pic and use photo shop on your computer to make it passport size and then print it off on proper photo paper you can get small photo paper from asda thik it about 2/3 pound. i was going to do all that but in end wen to asda and jus sat in booth i not good with computer and settiing things up , you could have it done at shop in our town there is normally a shoe mmender/key cutting shop that does passport photos it depends whatbis easier for you, good luck any way love diddle x

  • That's brilliant news, Diddle. You deserved come good news with all you seem to have been through lately :-)

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