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no time for hosting my own pity party

yesterday was as low as i have been for some time ,, i had my ex trying to get back in my good books then saying it was my fault we split up ,, i had the you have changed ,, no one can cope with you thing with him ,,, in the end i told him not to make his inability to deal with an illness he was fully aware of, before hand, be my fault ,, okay i have changed im not as much fun as i used to be ,, i dont like going out in crowds ,,i dont even feel like me most days ,, but to me he took the easy way out and dumped me as he wasnt prepared to put as much into our relationship as i had ,,,,,

justine is sick today shes my daughter with bechets crohns and fibro ,, so i have no time for self pity ,,, i wish i did in some ways then i could work thru it and get it out of my system once and for all ....

but we all have our problems ,, and to be honest working my way thru it would have involved his head and a cast iron pan .. so maybe best not to go there :)

hope you all feel okay today hugs to all and thanks for helping yesterday x

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bless ya i have been there with both my ex husbands lol they gotta anerve aint they and cast iron pan sounds familiar lol like you want them back yeah right how dare they crawl back anfd think we cannot live without them and we want them back with their selfish ways and there affairs and their habits and the way they treated us which is why we ended up getting rid!!! argghhhh why do they think that we cannoyt survive without them ???? emmm i dont think so i am the person i am today as they made me how i am and thart is why i wanna stay whoi i am now not who i was then huh that got a bit of history off my chest sorry about that it jus took me back a few years and i jus rolled with it anyway you are ok as you are love to you diddle xx ps i will have the pan when you done with it !!!


his of loading his own inadequacies on you, and you should be burdened with them, i dont think we ask for pity just empathyhope your ok, take care


tell u what diddle i seem to be a genius for picking dickheads lol ..... i think the thing i ,is is he was my best friend for years before we got into anything ,, but he wants friendship on his terms and im just not prepared to do that now ,,, hes caught me n a few bad days but i know its all verbal diahorreah xx ps a metal ladle is a good standby xxxx

your spot on lally he is trying that ,, i know i have changed but i have to go at my pace now ,, and he plays my sympathy some days and others mr hard done by xxx


dont stand for any messing, do whats good for you, if his not, get rid,your lifes hard enough with this damn illness no room for crap


exactly what i said ,, then he was well i help you shopping etc and fair enough he does so hes been told totally platonic no more laying his crap at my door or hes not in any way going to be part of my life .. he made his choices not me so he can live with them ,, on the plus side the middle of the bed is comfier lol x


Hi Trisha, we all have dead wood in our lives and he must be yours. You did make me laugh about the head and the cast iron pan tho!!

I dont think you can have an illness like fibro and be the same person as you were before. That said, if you have true friends they will stick by you whatever.

Hope your daughter is feeling better now. Don't have a pity party on your own though, have a piece of carrot cake and celebrate with Diddle xx


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