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Well just as the air show ends the sun decides to come out lol typical not that it affected me as i did not gop but shame for people who did make the effort just to get soaked !!!

My partner is not coming round tonight as england are playing football he is not one for football normally he prefwer rugby as it is supposed to be a good match and he is playing golf in the mornintg with his brother who loves football i think he felt he had better watch it so he can chat about the game tommorrow lol

so i am now going to get in a lovely hot bath for a bit and then come down and sit with my feet up and read some kindle and then may chill out and watch some telly all the things ui know hw dont like

i hope you all have a pleasent evening and are not being forced to watch the game

see thats where it is good living in seperate houses lol you can have what you want on telly when you want and if he dont like it he cango home to his house lol love to you all diddle xxxx

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i love watching england play x


I'd rather watch paint dry!!!


Come on England-support your country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol i di but dont want to watch it !!!!!!!!! love to you diddle x


Hi Diddle, Hope you have had a nice soak in the bath and have a relaxing evening. I'd rather watch paint dry as well. soft hugs xx


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