ON tues i went to council/housing benefit office as my daughter is now bringing £150 a week home as an apprentice i have got to contribute towards my council/housing benefit which is £4 a week council tax and 328 a week housing benefit which i think is scandelous but any way whilst i was there i asked if i could get a discount for being classed as disabled as i am not on DLA but am going to apply for it and also i have just been awarded a blue badge for my car the lady gave me a form which i filled in there and then but there were only 3 questions none of which were feally relevan to me so just put in a tiny box what was wrong with me and thought that aint going nowhere only in the officers bin who makes the decisions !!!

anyway this afternoon about hour ago my house phone ranfg and it was lady from the council saying she would like to come out and give me a home visit on wed morning at 10 am and jus have general chat and see if there is anything i can have done to help

I am not expecting areduction but will jus answer her questions honestly and will see where it goes wonders will never cease

are we finally beginning to be heard/


I hope so for all our sakes

;love to you all diddle x

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  • thats brilliant news diddle yay ! really pleased for you xxx

  • I hope so, we can get a reduction of councill tax 17p my older kids are supposed to help pay the £1300

  • Always worth a try Diddle. Fingers crossed for you.x

  • Yeah diddle,

    I hope the visit on wed goes well, and they always want every penny off everyone, so go for it hun.

    kel xxx

  • Hey you could be right, maybe we are going to be recognised as having needs because we suffer from Fibromyalgia. xx

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