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SO depressed following bug


Hi all, hope everyone is as well as can be in this miserable weather.ive been knocked sideways by a started 4 weeks ago when I had a bit of a sore throat but lost my voice completely( am prone to this following 3 cervical spine op's in past) it lasted about a week, I felt 'better' for a week then just plummeted both body and mind wise.i just couldn't pull myself out of it. I have a dreadful sore throat,had my tonsils removed when I was 18 but feels like there growing back! I ache all over and my joints are worse than symptoms of sjorgrens have worsened/ flared.

Mentally,I just can't motivate myself at all.hence its taken me 3 weeks to post this! I've been sleeping most of day,it's stupid because today,having got up at 1pm I feel a bit better, but have no appetite.( I never sleep well, have terrible dreams).i feel really insular and lonely. I have a few good friends but they led busy lives. My OH told me' I had no reason to be depressed and to snap out of it' typical reply from someone who has never had depression! He lost his voice but carried on working etc, definitely no man-flu here!

I take mirtazipine 30mg nocte.ive been on them for 4-5 years and have tried breaks from them as I've put on 2stone since stopping work 3yrs ago. I was wondering if any of you have changed antidepressants? I did try trazedone( cymbalta) but it gave me dreadful headaches. I've had a reaction to Effexor in the past.i really want to stop/ change as being over-weight is adding to my depression, so it's all a bit counter productive!

Any suggestions would be most welcome.many thanks

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YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer, hi there and welcome if you would like to lock your posts here’s the link as gives you and members more privacy. Well that’s not something you want to hear when you’ve fibro and any other exsiting conditions most of us can take a lot longer to kick back after a nasty viral bug etc has knocked us sideways , sleeping and resting will hopefully be the best tonic but if you’ve any concerns ring your surgery for some advice, I went through many weeks earlier this year with flu trying to bounce back I went off my food but tried some complan milk shakes to try in between banana/choc/strawberry they were actually quite nice. I do agree if somebody has not had any form of depression they really don’t always see the bigger picture, sometimes reassurance and a hug is what we need. I too have filled out as had to give up my swimming through fatigue and possibly my duloxtene is adding to my weight gain but it is a tablet that I seem to be doing so much better with for anxiety/fibro. I would differently speak to your gp or even practice nurse as they can be really helpful , if it helps we can really relate to how you feel and the forum is a good place to chat and exchange helpful tips with each other, sometimes we need a listening ear xx

Sorry Yasmintina, but I can't see how to lock my post retrospectively, should I just delete it? I'm so foggy at the mo, I just can't seem to do it!

Many thanks

YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer in reply to Beakybird58

Evening at the bottom of writing your post you will see 2 circles one will say anyone , and the other will say only our community , that’s the one to tick, just gives us more privacy and not open to other site engines on the internet. No worries I’m foggy at the best of times take care x

Thank you I understand for future posts, but is there a way to make my a previous original post private? I'm just worried it's 'out there' for all to see.

I appreciate your reply to my dilemma. I'm feeling a bit brighter this evening and have managed some food.sleep seems to be all I want just now, hard to know what came first, chicken or egg! I'm seeing my GP in a couple of weeks, am really hoping I'm over the worst and my mood picks up. I doubt my weight will ever go down due to my inacctivity, but would be happier if the mirtazipine had some positive affects re depression that out weighed the later. It's a balancing act we all go through I guess. Xx

YASMINTINAFMA UK Volunteer in reply to Beakybird58

Glad to read you feel a bit brighter, I’ll ask one of the admin team above me to lock it, a really dull day but pushing myself to sort out some xmas pressures think start it earlier this year so dont get in a muddle nearer the time . I must admit I don’t think my weight will go now but tell ourselves we really do our best xx

Thank you! I'm the same re Xmas, I've written a list

, that's enough to send my anxiety up before I've begun. I really don't know how I will cope with all the socialising that comes with it.

wish I could fit into my clothes, think it's about time I grasped the nettle and bought some new ones. Ironically I've spent most my life trying to put on weight as have always been a skinny Minney!

Take care, thanks again and good luck with the Xmas stuff xx

Beakybird firstly I wanted to say that I still ok to be filling how you feel. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should snap out of it. You have been through a lot and your still plodding through. Your body is going to take longer to get “over” these winter bugs that others may be able to recover from in a few days. I think the lack of appetite is something perhaps you should seek medical advice for just to make sure there isn’t anything else causing this. But I do understand the wanting to sleep etc your body is fighting whatever bug you have picked up as well as itself and your energy levels are already at critical and like most people with fibro from what you have said sleep doesnt refresh you. This is going to have a knock on affect on your mood and your other symptoms.

I would again talk to or write to the doctor if you don’t feel like talking about your medication as they may not be working for you as they did and that may be a contributing factor. I get how it can rob you of company etc and the feeling alone and can only suggest that you try to find small task or activities each day that you enjoy so that you have somethings to look forward too but crucially don’t over do it. I think you and your partner might want to have a chat as well because it doesn’t sound like he understands fully what your going through and I know how difficult it can be but sometimes they say things out of frustration because of how this illness changes us.

I understand the weight gain and fully get that it’s not easy , again I think your doctor could help here , it might be the tablets, he may be able to suggest a healthy eating plan or light on excercise you can do to help .

Anyway I have gone on for ages. Just wanted to let you know that your not alone

Beakybird58 in reply to robpw

Hi, thankyou for your reply. I'm ok, slowly improving. I always hate this time of year.the weather is so dreary and the thought of Xmas sends me into a panic, especially as I have a nerve root block injection booked for 17th Dec, the shooting pain down my leg wakes me up and as you rightly say, my quality of sleep is poor as is so many of us with fibro.

My appetite is slowly improving thank goodness, I'm taking extra vitamins to make up for not eating for a week. I've had absolutely no motivation to do anything but managed a load of washing today. I seem to be stuck at a dead end, I've no hobbies or interests anymore,I can't even find joy in reading a book. I have booked an appointment with GP week Thursday to discuss my mirtazipine, it's doing absolutely nothing for me except weight gain!

My partner is lucky to be fighting fit and still working full time.i feel sorry for him as he's lost his life partner to all intents& purpose.i am a shadow of my former self. He goes out walking alone now. He gets frustrated with me as I don't want to go out. I'm forcing myself to go to neighbors this evening ,they are good friends so I will probably enjoy it if I can stay awake! I can't seen to find the words to explain how I feel , I don't want to worry him furthur,but you are right I need to have a chat and try and convey my feelings. Even though it's neither of uses fault,we both end up feeling upset,confused and guilty.

Thankyou again, I wish you a peaceful weekend .

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