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Numbness & Tingling All Over My Face

I've got Trigeminal Neuralgia as well as fibro, TMJ probs, etc., so I'm used to getting the pain & tingling across my face. But, today it hasn't stopped & now the whole of one side of my face has gone numb. It's like I've had injections of local anaesthetic, like I've been to the dentists for example. It's from the right side of my forehead thru' my neck & down to my right shoulder.

I've got an appointment at my gp's on Monday as my gastro cons said the reason my throat felt constricted & my voice was hoarse was that there was a prob with my voice box. I have nearly lost my voice completely now & cannot seem to cough up the phlegm stuck in my throat. It is also hard to swallow, as though something is blocking my throat.

Does anyone have anything similar, or know what it is & are my symptoms connected at all?

Many, many thanks,

Julie xxx

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Hi Julie! I too have the same problems as you and often find tingling and numb sensations on my face, but only in patches , however on this occasion I think it might be wise to contact your on call doctor. I say this because my father once had an attack similar to what you have described and it turned out to be Bell's Palsy.

I also used to get the feeling of something being stuck in my throat, which made swallowing difficulty and felt like my throat had a lump in why was blocking it. However, it turned out in my case to be down to stress, you clearly have other things going on. I can't say whether they are connected or not as I am no medic, but I would recommend that you get this looks at quickly !!

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x



I agree with Foggy, I think you need to contact a doctor for advice, for your face and for your throat.

Let us know how you get on.

Is x


Thanks for your replies - & Congrats on becoming Member Of The Month Foggy! Haven't had a chance to say it before now - well done, keep up the good work. Thanks for the healing vibes - feeling better already!

Will let you know how I get on at the doctor's,

Julie xxx :-)


Hi Julie - I've had this throat condition you describe - it's absolutely awful :-( I sympathise with you - I daren't go to the doctors again this month - I'm sure he raises his eyebrows and sighs everytime I walk in :-(

I feel guilty making yet another appointment :-(

Please let me know what your doc says - it may put my mind at rest until I pluck up courage to ask for yet another valuable piece if the busy doctors time ;-)

Good luck

Tina :-)


Hi Bearess, it's disgusting how many people on here say their gp has the same reaction as yours. Mine put in my records that I was a hypochondriac before I got diagnosed with fibro.

Saw a new gp yesterday & he has referred me to a ENT cons at the hospital - as a Two Week Wait - so I'll be seen within two weeks. He said he wants to make sure that it isn't anything nasty, but I have all the symptoms, but it could be something as simple as me having to use my asthma inhalers so much recently that it's affected my voice box, & not anything more serious.

Julie xxx


Hello Julie

I have had this recently it is quite frightening my GP is excellent and gave me some meds but they were so strong I had to take to my bed.

I have been in and out of my bed for the past three weeks now and am having a relapse, sorry to hear you have the same take care and please keep intouch , Lynne


Hello Bearess, please try and not feel guilty when you go to the GP , it is difficult but keep your chin up and know that you deserve his time..

We all need advise and to be sure each symptom is not related to Fibro, I used to apologise each time I walked in but not any more.. have a good day my lovely.


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