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Where did this body come from?

Ok - I don't know if any of you have been following my journey so ill give you a wee update anyway. I got sick when I was 20. That was just under 5 years ago now...

I got a bit better this last September and have been back working full time ish since last month and I'm doing okay. However I just got out the bath and took one look in the mirror. I'm now mortified.

I'm double the size I was, my skin has no shine or anything. It's red and puffy. I just hate myself. And I've never hated my body.

To get 'better' I've had to follow a strict no sugar, gluten free, and high vegetable diet and that meant I lost weight and my skin was going back to normal. But I hate vegetables. They make me gag so I have to hide them in foods from myself. And it's impossible to eat as well now I'm back working - I don't have time to make a full soup every day.

I need to do something about this. I'm gunna work on doing it all properly again cause the worse I eat; the worse I feel; the worse I look. Any of ya'll got any advice for me to push through on this? Cause I'm stuck.

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First of January I decided that was it no more fat me and I cut out all snacks and junk and just ate three smaller meals a day just that and nothing else and in 5 weeks I lost 10 pounds and I was very happy .. Then. My GP put me on a temporary course of steroids and everything went peat shaped and I am back to square one.... So I would say just eat healthily cut out junk and even if like me you aren't that mobile the weight should fall off.. Unless you are on steroids .. I have stopped taking them and trying to get back into the diet again

Good luck

VG xxx


What about making a huge soup at the weekend and freezing it in individual portions. Leave a note on the freezer door to remind you to take one out ready for the next day.


That's the only way to do it - smaller meals, no junk or alcohol, and a bit of gentle exercise if you can manage it.

Can you manage extra fresh fruit Sam? And how about raw veg - they're more palatable than cooked - or so my kids always told me!

If you haven't got time to make your own, you can get fresh veg soups from most good supermarkets (M&S partcularly good!). If you do make your own, it will freeze, so make a big batch and store it.

Don't get depressed, you have the determination to fight this, and you'll soon feel better. In the meantime, get going on the hairdo, manicure and pedicure, and use lots of luscious, scented body lotion. Even if there's a bit more of you than you like, at least it will look and feel its best, and that really, really helps!

Let us know how you get on and we'll arrange a fanfare for the new slender you! :)

Moffy x


Hi I too have a body that I have never had before and the feeling is dreadful. Following a mastectomy 18 months ago everything has changed, the mastectomy seemed to be the start of all the illnesses that I used to think only old people got, ha ha I am 73 but thought I was still 20 !!! I take a large dose of steroids daily and also an anti cancer drug along with many others ie warfarin etc. I want to be a 9 stone weakling again who could walk anywhere and do anything, was very active 16 months ago but now rely on taxis and friends to take me out.My diary is filled with outings ... doctors and hospital appointments !!!!! I am now at the stage where I think I will have to buy a Sholley or similar in order to get me walking again, I so miss the fresh air. Any one got any ideas as to which is the best walking aid ? This is my first time posting so apologies if anything is incorrect.


Hi Sam,

I've recently had cataracts done, and the first time I looked in a mirror since was a shock too! What hasn't expanded has moved South! As I'm getting less mobile, I'm getting bigger and my skin is in terrible condition.

Now, I eat healthy, but I eat a Lot! I know that to lose weight I will have to eat less and try to keep up my Physio excercises between appointments, but rapidly approaching having to use the wheelchair I now have (it lurks in the corner) I'm trying to find a way of excercising sitting down.

Batch cooking and freezing soups is a great idea, I do it all the time.

Hi Kyalami,

Contact your GP or the Care team at your hospital and ask for an Occupational Therapist to visit and assess you. I am currently using a four wheeled Rollator, which has a seat attached. It has been a great help to me, and it costs nothing through the NHS. When shopping I find the seat can carry a couple of bags, and another on each handle! Sholleys are very expensive and not terrifically supportive.

Cheers, Midori


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