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How can I hurt in so many random places at one time

Hi everybody hope everyone is okish as I know we really struggle to just be ok.

Tomorrow going to friends for weekend so today feel rough of course. What do you expect from our friend fibro. It would be easier to tell you what doesn't hurt today. Im 57 and feel 97. Then I hope no 97 feels this bad. My feet and hands hurt to a headache that I've head 3days now. I pain in throat and lost my voice again!!!

And for some reason my spine, hips and legs hurt.

Was going to go Xmas shopping today. One internal argument (i hope other people have those or there is something else wrong with me) now laid on bed feeling sorry for my self.

But never mind I look well

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I'm right there with you today. I done nothing unusual yesterday to feel like this,but woke up with the same symptoms, even the sore throat. I'm still trying very hard to find out what triggers and have wondered about the weather, especially with today's forecast in Wales. What are you doing to help yourself? I'm desperate for tips as I've not left the house in weeks.


knw exactly how you feel. took my granddaughter to mums and tots this morning and now my hands wont work properly, usually i can type quickly but with the dyslexia playing up too its taking me ages to type. legs feel like i have run a marathon though being able to walk a bit would be nice, shoulders hurt too. think it could be the weather as very windy,wet and cold over here on isle of wight


i am also dyslexic, i wonder if there's any connection


I know how you feel! From the moment I wake up to going to sleep i have pains in my shoulders, down my arms and down the side of my hand, bottom of my back, hips cramps down my theighs and calves, knee pain ankle and tops of feet. for me now, nothing seems to trigger it, its there 24/7 now. im 28 with 2 kids. its just so hard at the moment. also like you i was going to do some christmas shopping today but the pain is just too much today and it soooo cold out there. brrrr! Gentle hugs xx


Thank you for your lovely messages.

I decided I have to listen to my body. I don't want to hence the internal argument I have. I'm a social person and I like people but my body says

STOP your not going to anything you want to do because fibro as decided that I'm tired and I hurt too much to do anything.


So sorry to hear how you are feeling at the moment Fed-up. When Fibromyalgia is explained it's described as being widespread pain and they're not kidding are they! I hope you get some relief soon.

Have you had a meds' review lately - the reason I mention this is because our Fibro can change and evolve along with our symptoms and sometimes our meds don't work as well as they used to for us. You might need the dose altering or your meds changing perhaps. It might be worth having a chat with your GP to discuss this. xxx


I think we're all with you Fed-up!! I'm the same, from the moment I wake to the time I get into bed I'm in constant pain and discomfort. The to top it all I stubbed my little toe on the sofa last night and broke it!! Of course, there's nothing to be done for a broken toe and the bruising is coming out now....lovely shade of black/blue!! How I got down the stairs this morning I'll never know!! XXXX


I am the same after roughly two hours sleep each night at the moment. But for me it has gone on for so long it is part of me, an unwelcome guest in my body that has no intentions of moving on xxxxx


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