does anyone suffer a illness for a day or so

i have been having a few funny health problems lately...... one day i can suffer all day with a very sore throat the next it could be my stomach then then next chocked with the cold. one day it was my ear was very sore...... i know fibro has lots of different things that can seem unreal but never had this... usually its for days with the one thing.... anyway help would be appreciated xx

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  • I think we have a less immunity, when I got gastric enteritis last year I ended up in hospital because I was so ill, came on in an hour. I often have ailments that come and go. Its guess work what your next days going to be like. x

  • Quite a few people (myself included)have an auto immune disease such as hypothyroidism.This means that you catch things easily and it's often move serious.

  • I'm like you with sometimes getting a sore throat one evening then what feels like a head cold coming on then the next day a bad tummy but never goes further than that and strangely enough when all around me get ill with flu or bad colds i never get it on the feelings of it starting for a few hours then gone so if my immunity is low how come i don't catch the bugs going round? strange!!

  • I think that's what's fibro is all about!! It appears in all different forms and disguises and it's total guesswork what each day is going to bring! I sometimes have a sore throat or start sneezing and think "must be a cold starting" and then 24hours later i am ok again. Guess it must be the most UNPREDICTABLE condition ever. :) XX

  • Yes. I wake up feeling like I have a cold, but it goes by the next day. It makes feel like I'm going off my head,

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