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thank you

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afternoon everyone i would just like to say a big thank you for all your lovely messages, i never expected such a wonderful response it brought a tear to my eye's, sorry I haven't replied sooner but I've really not been good had doctor out yesterday he said I've got a viral infection but im not to sure, some of you asked me what medication im on so here's my list.

tapentadol/palexia 200mg ,duloxetine 60mg fultium-d3 800u ,axalid 150mg,methhylcellulose 500mg, baclofen 10mg, etricoxib 60mg, topiramate 50mg ,folic acid 5mg , buccastem 1.85mg , i also lost my dad this year in March always been very close to my dad ever since a little girl finding it hard to come to terms with am waiting for bereavement counselling, I've just found out about oxygen chamber and wondered if anybody has ever heard about it or tried it before, i wish everyone all the best as i know this illness is so hard to cope with on a daily basis xxx

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something someone once sent to me when I lost my dad Shortcakeqp1 :

The hardest thing I had to bear, was to want my dad and he,s not there,

he cant come back, I know thats true- so one day dad I,ll come to you..

Girls and their dads!!

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That really brought some tears to my eyes. I lost my dad when I was 3 months old. Miss him all the time and always wonder how life would have been with him around.

hi im so sorry for you loss your message brought a tear to my eye it must have been so hard growing up wondering what he was like, im not religious but all i can say is i am a strong believer in hes watching over you looking after you love Maxine xx

Thanks Maxine. That's a lovely sentiment. I'm sorry for your loss too. May you find some peace in the memories and photos that you have with him. I hope you get the support soon from counselling. All the best. Keep well x

Must have been so nice to be close to the dad's

yes beautiful

in reply to Shortcakeqp1

i was lucky enough to have wonderful parents we were so close, but I think it hits you harder when you lose them, I miss mine every day, as you say your Dad is looking over you,

Those that live in the hearts of others never die.

Take care

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Glad you have had lots of support I'm hoping the viral infection will start to go soon . Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad never easy losing such a close family member , it takes time but I lost my parents at 39 /44 so still fairly young but I hold on to the memories the pictures etc you never stop missing them but it does get easier with time. So for now keep warm, take good care of yourself,and hoping you will hear from the bereavement team soon love yasmintina xxx

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