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A heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful peeps on this site


Good afternoon,what lousy weather today! It's been raining bucket loads here all day and there's no sign of it stopping :( I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely peeps on this site.Thank you to everyone for your kindness,support and suggestions :) This site has helped me soooo much,especially as I've been ill quite a lot recently and it's helped me in so many ways.Iam normally quite a negative person but since I've been using this site it's made me see things in a more positive way.I love the virtual trips and all the fluffie madness and iam very much grateful for the laughs and mayhem as it has brought out the silliness in me :D I look forward to more such trips and reading everyone else's posts.I feel very alone most of the time,iam a single parent with two boys,have no support from family and no friends where I live so I feel that everyone on this site is like my family/friends and iam very grateful to all of you :)

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You are so sweet Haribo and I feel quite similar in that I have my husband and friends but I never see them really. not anymore anyway. Only at get togethers they don't come round anymore :( My family are all over the place and there aren't many of them anyway.

I suppose I got hardened to it many years ago plus I'm crap at keeping in touch with people who live away its sad but very true :(

anyway! yes its very much like having a family here and its fantastic to be around people who understand :D


hi everyone, I agree with Haribo the peeps on this site are just brilliant, I love the silliness , ive had an absolute horrid week of pain and spent all day today crying , would love a virtual trip to blackpool pleasure beach , does any one fancy a go on the big one lol or a walk along the sea front cos I need cheering up xxx

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Hi skippy we could ask the others if they fancy a trip to Blackpool tomorrow , to late to go today and too wet lol .....gentle hugs...Dee x

Hi peeps, yes I have to agree with you all tenfold, this is a brilliant site and the people on this site are just brilliant too, any a time I've come on to say I feel blue and someone has already said they feel the same way and when you read that you kinda put your own feelings on the back burner and by the time you have tried to cheer them up you feel better yourself, I have people around me here but I still feel so lonely sometimes, and to come helps as everyone is in the Same boat and understands how you feel and just what you re talking about and going thru, and we have brilliant volunteers although they are in pain themselves they still go out of there way to cheer us all up, and like you I enjoy the virtual days out...sending you all soft gentle hugs .....Dee xx

Well there is a thought Blackpool pleasure beach - walk along the prom - ride on a donkey strokes chin I will have a word with Zeb and Foggy and we will see sorry you have had such a rotten week. I hope the tears have dried up now !

Sending you a big hug


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