Oh well, now I have osteoporosis

Apparently Im about to snap at any moment!! Not really - but if I take the meds I may in a few years time. The stuff sets calcuim in the bones but there is added risk of instant fractures of the femur or spine - these are without warning. So how does this affect the fibro? Well I am supposed to do weight bearing exercise to increase muscles and bone structure. Fat chance of that. If I so much as look at the hoover Im in agony and I have not had a brisk walk for a year now. Tomorrow I will be joining an exercise class for 'osteo's' and expect my pain level to be off the scale for some time. Will let you all know how I get on. Wishing you all a pain free time. Helen X

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  • Sorry to hear this Helen, don't over do it x.

  • Good luck with your exercise class and don't overdo it. x

  • I take meds for thinning bones too, once a week and also calcium and vitamin D, are you on them too, together with fybro RA and osteoarthritis I'm slowly falling apart lol 😟 Be careful with those exercises πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Mydexter, sorry you are having a rough time. Take care not to do everything they tell you is good for you!!! A bit naughty I know but it is how I have survived up to now. Have fun and hope you keep as painfree as pos. Helen X

  • I've had all three for many years so learned to live with it now

    Naughty but nice πŸ‘ Keep smiling πŸ˜ƒ

  • Ask your GP about Calcium and vit D

    They often don't tell about taking this along side Aldronic Acid important to follow instructions on taking .


  • Yes as I said. I was given both from the beginning and. Have DEXA bone scans every two years πŸ˜ƒ

  • Oh Helen I am so sorry :(

    Good luck with your exercise class tomorrow.

    Lu xx

  • Oh I am sorry my friend, what a blow for you. Hydrotherapy is best way to built muscle up but gently because not so much strain on your joints. Any swimming as long as water not to cold. Yoga or pilates is also good & not so hard on joints and you can do it at your own pace. Don't be doing anything that's going to be to difficult for you and make you in agony afterwards. They should be taking into account you have Fibro & if they don't, make sure you tell them. Look after yourself and i hope it helps, I know it probably won't to start with but the more mobile you are with arthritis the better it will be for you.

    Luv Jan xx

  • At the exersises class, tell the person in charge you may have to opt out some of the exersises and have a sit down due to other health issues. And be very careful not to do too much, easier said than done sometimes. I've had osteoporosis for many years and it's been several years since I took drugs for it due to the side effects. But I do take the vit D and calcium tablets. And most of the time I forget I have osteoporosis due to various chronic pains elsewhere in body that seem to take priority !

  • Hi I agree with others please don't over do it. I had to learn how to pace myself so I can manage the day. It's hard I know. Take care xx

  • Weight bearing exercise can be as simple as kneeling on all fours, gentle walking, using tiny weights. I am sure you will find out at the class. It really is worth while going through extra discomfort now to avoid the much greater pain of snapped bones.

    It's not a good diagnosis to get but give it your best shot.


  • Hi hun take it easy if it hurts STOP it will take time and you will hurt after but do try it. I know how you feel about another ailment πŸ™πŸ™ as I am in same boat Had spondylitis for years HBP - asthma - I have just got on with it - then last year wham Bam thank you mam - Fibro - hyperthyroid - low vitD so fed up with it - more tabs to take etc - but it's one of those I've got it so nowt I can do but accept it for what it is - peeps out there have got far worse off than me. Hugsnkisses on their way to you. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Hi I'm waiting on results from Dexa scan (feb) and more recently mri (head) due back for the mri at neurology early april and rheumotolgy end of March .

    Hydrotherapy was helpful for excersise when well enough to go I also have the D3 calcium chews(chalk)and was advised of the various benefits of adding plenty food based calcium for greater absortion .My mum had quite a rotten time with the Aldronic Acid after an op so now yearly goes for an infusion which seems to suit her better.Oh joy and I hit 50 in days nowt like feeling old before your time.

    Only ever do what you can manage all the little bits we do can make a difference .Be kind to yourself Xx

  • Thanks for the advice Ronnie. I have not taken the Aldronic Acid yet, much to my Dr's disgust. Have changed my diet, again. Sick of salmon etc! Waiting for an appointment at the dental hospital for investigations regarding jaw problems. I do not wish to risk necrosis of the jaw due to taking the acid meds. Feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I will try and be kind to myself but sometimes the effort is too much. Hope you have a great painfree day. Helen X

  • Thanks @ slowmotion my jaw cracks and locks on me sometimes trying to eat is very difficult was told 30yrs ago althoufgh too young that i had osteoparosis or osteoarthritis .was given a melt tablet but over the years stopped stupidly as it came back with avengence .The Aldronic acid all the sit straight etc etc Mum at 84 is due for her 3rd yearly infusion and doing fab. Good luck hope all goes well for you Xx

  • What do you typically eat slomotion?

    Dr Ron Rosedale states that osteoporosis is a hormonal problem causing miscommunication of bone re-modelling.

    The biggest impact on our hormones tends to be what we eat. Too much fructose, alcohol (fermented sugar), excess protein, high-glycaemic carbohydrates and anomalies such as baked beans or low-fat yoghurt are among the biggest offenders.

  • What do I eat? Well, at least 'five a day'. I enjoy one glass of red wine in the evening, no more, my dad was an alcoholic and I am very wary of too much booze. Baked beans are too sweet for me - if I have them it is my own version - a can or plain beans, a little tom puree and some herbs. Dont like yogurt so dont eat that either. I was always under the impression that an adult needs no more than 4oz of first class protein a day. Dont know if this is the current thinking. Have changed my diet to include more oily fish and nuts and fermented cheeses. Make my own bread and lots of other stuff I am experimenting with. Really enjoying it. There is lots of info out there - the trick is to find the food that is right for you - this is not always the diets which are recommended. Helen X

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