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Oh lord im stillllllllllllllllllll arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr awake!


Hi everyone im still wide awake even after yhe day iv had I still cant sleep more than an hour ....... still wide awake but at least it ment I have taken four of the tablets so hopefully they are kicking in now I never realised how painful shingles was every time I cough oh my lord I dont recommend anyone gets shingles a chest infection on top of fibro pain its not recommended . Thanks to you all for your good wishes and concern hope you all have a pain free sunday and sleep is wished for you all :-) xx

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Hi stargirl47

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering along with not being able to sleep and I sincerely hope that you manage to nod off soon. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hello amd morning vto you im usually up at this time dont sleep much now so I have loads of grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh moments but at least here we are eith people who are in thecsame boat an can understand what we are going through and dont mind us having a moan about it . Pain free sleep iscwished for you :-) xx

Hi. I get that myself n so do a lot of my fm friends. Do to ur drs, they will try different things foe. I use tow diff creams n AV to AV stronger antihistermin (sorry can't spell that) as get lots of hives. Would tell u name of the dreams I use but can't remem them, n as I at my daughter can't go n check for u. But plz go to ur dr , as I no when I get the itchy episodes, it drives me insane. I even bro use myself n draw blood cuz o's starching so much. Don't suffer , c what ur dr can give u. N don't worry if the first thing does not work. Take care , n hope u can get some relief from it soon. Plz for give spelling mistakes fm fog. Gentle hug cumming ur way.

I only wish I could help in some way. At least the shingles will go-I just wish I could make them go more quickly for you as that pain with fibro must be horrendous.

Warm, fuzzy hugs to you.

stargirl47 in reply to TerryT1

Thsnks TerryT1and a pain free sleep filled night is wished for you :-) xc

Hi Stargirl 47, hope you finally got some zzzzz.... I hate insomnia. My nerve pain can keep me up and bothered and to get any sleep, I have to try and find a specific angle to try and sleep.

stargirl47 in reply to Chep_

Oh yes I know that feeling but I usually get it in both legs at the same time so impossible to get comfortable so hence no sleep lol I can dream ..... day dream that is maybe one day it will be sweet sleep dreams lol . Here's wishing you a pain free sleep filled night ♥ :-) xx

What's a micro therapy unit x

God I know how you feel I only joined this sight few weeks ago and the people on here are so nice I don't feel so alone anymore. Iv just started on amitriptyline and iv been sleeping so good. Until last night I was awake all night slepted for 3 hours broken sleep. As for the pain

stargirl47 in reply to Poppetts

Hi poppetts so sorry I didnt see your first post . But il say it now hello and welcome to the gang we're a lovely bunch and we are all pretty much in the same boat so we tend to know what each other is going through and we are here 24/7 24 hours aday . A lot of us suffer with sleep depravation so there is usually some one on line all hours of the day or night there are plenty of night oowl's . Me being one of them . So any time you can't sleep im sure someone will be here waiting to chat and to give you advice or answer any questions you msy have or even to just listen if you just want to vent . So once again welcome and a sleep filled night and a pain free day are wished your way ♡ :-) :-) xx

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