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Well I must b going thru it really bad Cus IM Back !!!!

Hi all, gentle hugs to everyone x

Well here I go!!!! Im in usual Fibro agony back and shoulder!!!! but to add to it ive just been diagnosed with Bells Palsy! so im now on 11 steroids a day to blast it for the next week! Talk about rattle! I feel like a box of tic-tacs every time I move!!!!

Less sleep than normal nice side affect more time to b awake in pain and now look like ive had a stroke!! But Im very grateful, as I thought I was either having a stroke or heartattack at the time so shouldnt moan really!

My Diabetes may be cause of the Bells Palsy but who knows!!!

Hope you are having an easy day today x

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Hi honey not good is it? Bet your thinking "why me" well i like to believe it's because the universe thinks we are strong enough to deal with it. I like your attitude it helps i think. Their is this young mum i know and she suffered Bells Palsy last year some time not sure when and she is almost back to normal, put it this way i never noticed anything till she said. Hopefuly you will make a good recovery.

Stay with the positive attitude honey xxx


Thanks Rach, Ive caught it early and so the prognosis is good and people are saying its not noticeable but i feel strange. but then thats nothing new lol, have to keep laughing !! xx


Hi there. I have a friend who had Bell's palsy about a year ago. It really affected her badly, and it was very noticeable. Now she's fine, and no-one would know. I hope you recover quickly. It's not a nice thing to deal with, and when you're already dealing with other stuff too, it just makes it so much harder. Take good care of yourself, and I'm sure you'll soon be feeling better.



Im glad to hear your friend is back to normal, and thankyou Kaz x


Wishing you a speedy recovery xgins


thanks gins xx


My sister in law had that a few years ago(about 20 actually) and she recovered quite well from it xxxx


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