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not well

hi to you all,

not well again! Had a few days at level 7 of pain, aches etc, now at 10+ stuck in bed mostly dozing -although sleeping isnt so bad - just hate the way the day disapears and i only know what time of day it is by the clock as i have to keep my blackout curtains closed when im this unwell.

have managed to get up when my carer came to give me a wash ,trying not to sieze up, but back to bed as the exustion and pain take over ....

AH well life is full of swings and round abouts!!

hugs poppy xx

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Awww bless you poppy! Gentle hugs sweetie. Rest well. Am on a so-so day - pacing myself - just - I find it hard to be slow like this when until 12 years ago I was a gun-ho kind of gal! Ah well, it's swings and roundabouts for you - but I always say life is always full of ups and downs!


Carol. xx


I'm so sorry your having a rough time Poppy. I have a bedside cabinet full of puzzle books and my kindle for days when I can't do much. I'm paranoid that my brain will give up.

I hope tomorrow is the start of recovery for you xxx


That's so funny, I start my day with the previous nights countdown! x



I really feel for you. I have been there so often and agree that it's awful to see the days disappearing and for me see my family getting on with their ilves around me. I was the same full of energy and always active and am not learning slowly to pace myself with regular rests. Seems to be helping at the moment. Take care and hope you feel better soon,



Hope this phase doesn't last too much longer, try to stay positive, not easy I know Take care xx


So sorry Poppy I do hope your pain eases soon

and you feel better soon Will be thinking of you

gentle hugs & prayers



Thank you to you all for your hugs ,prayers & kind thoughts

i ts appreciated

poppy xxx


Awww poppy, so sorry to hear how you are today, its awful the way the day just passes in a blur on days like this, my husbans says I only know one 10' o clock........ 10pm bedtime!!!

Soft hugs x x x


hope you feel better soon poppy xx


Hope as others have said it's just a clitch and you're back to a managable level of pain soon.

Whippet x


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