Woo hoo im off the 14 stone now oh im so happy

Well at xmas i was 15stone i started my diet than...i am amazed i can now say im on the 13 stone range....but it was heaven get on scales and seeing that...it can be done without exercise as ive poorley legs and my mobility is limited....so now ive lost 8bags of sugar...woo hoo...im so happy..just cant beleive im doing it..mcant wait to see that horrid doctor in a few months i go back and see him ..calling me fat and obese...i will walk in there like a glam puss...watch this space mr nasty doctor.....thanks guys for your lovely tips been really helpful....xx

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  • Go Girl!!!.........x

  • Thank you all so much...good note to start day really didnt think it was going to happen this dieting as my family have all had gastric bands ...yes you guessed right we are all chunky monkeys lolxx but not me ....im doing it natures way i keep trying....and guess what it works ...ive been off sugar now 7 weeks and it does work all fresh for mexxx

  • I would love to quit sugar but I just don't have the will power :( I drink way to much p,max an sugar free squash which is now coming to light more than ever to be worse.... Ugh

    Well done you though! Amazing achievement :) you should be proud!

  • My problem is boiled sweets, whenever my throat gets sore and dry i suck sweets.

    I really must find something else as i have gained a stone from my `normal`.

  • I tend to eat sweet plums or pineapple cubes from sainsburys in a pot...very juicey and natural..also very good for dryness of tongue mouth...put them in fridge and munch on them try it you will really enjoy it...chewy and delightful worth a try...xx

  • I didnt realise i was doing sugar free.but looking at my diet i am all natural i guess just keep away from processsed i eat potoes and cheese...been reading up dairy is good for you sugar is the villan...on news today...fat doesnt clogg us sugar does...so ive been using virgin oil aswell..all right ingredients..ive cut down on satsumas has acid was causing me problems..pitty really as them only 25cals each and a lovely sweet snack..so im back on bannas medium one a day...and rest snack almond nuts only a handful...im struggling now as im not hungry...and im having to say eat..my stomach has shrunk i guess...hope tips are goodxxx

  • Congratulations give yourself a treat now

  • Well done! Wish I could loose a couple of stone. - but I've now been diagnosed with an under active thyroid,and with pain tablets, have caused weight gain! At least that is my excuse and I'm sticking with it! Lol. 😃😃

  • That's wonderful news WELL DONE YOU. Keep up the good work xx

  • You have done really well, wish I could do the same.

    Explain this one, weighed my self before a bathroom trip then due to ribbing from my hubby weighed myself after bathroom trip and had gained a pound. Must have picked it up on my way back :o :D :D

  • Wow, well done you, 😃

  • Lol you made me laugh about a trip to loo..and you put on 2poundxx we have all done that one....after a cream cake lol thanks for all your supportxxxx

  • Hi bigfattoe

    I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you! I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you continued success my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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