Happy moments for happiness bank!

Hello lovely folks. Not even going to mention pain as we all no what is is. Here's my plan this year.

I have a happiness bank where I store happy moments. And on dreadful days I withdraw a moment to help me through the day/night. By recalling. It gets me smiling and even if if doesn't take away the bad day...it relieves and reminds me of who I was before the fairies came and took the real me away and replaced me with this 'changeling' who definitely not me. (See me Irish sense of humour is still around) Anyway I diverse.

J is for January but also for joy! So every day of Jan try and find a happy 'moment' or as many as you can but As a break from pain prison is unlikely to last, and the jailers are gruel goblins of deathly night watch.

Post it on and share it as it may help as a moment for others or keep it locked in your heart. I plan it for every month under a different title.

Joy moment for Jan 1. I got a sweet kiss under the mistletoe on new yrs eve! Yep I did...and the owner of the lips was lovely gentle company for the few hours before along with other neighbours.

Jan 2. He is taking me for lunch today! Simple nice easy going company. Providing the jailers look the other way and my asthma stays at bay. We are both swimming in a sea with big feck off waves at the moment but I'm hoping that this little island called 'grab a moment' provides a few moment of joy. Let's face it...we all need some Joy.

Sorry it long winded and it probably sound s bonkers but it's worth a try. Try and find a moment too today. Good luck my fellow travellers and watch them goblins for they are sneaky wee (....) whatever word gets you through the day!! Lol x

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  • Sounds like a good plan that Olivia...I shall try! xx

  • Oh Olivia1 that sounds wonderful, and positive I enjoyed reading it I also love the bank of happiness I think I'm going to join if that's ok. Then make a point of visiting grab a moment island. I hope you have a wonderful day, and not too many pain filled days

    Take care xx

  • The more the merrier. Go for it and let us know how you get on.

  • What a fun message! I like your writing! You have a great idea, too.

  • That sounds wonderful my friend, thank you so much for sharing this with us all x :)

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