morning All it is Saturday and to Very Grumpy I would like to say

tomy amusement I have just spent 15mins working through *8* messages LOL I think these were the nes you deleated yesterday.

Moving on A Positive day today I wish you all a Happy Smiley Saturday shall we all try something completley different today what? I hear you cry How about talking back wards or going out for coffee with some one Or smiling and engaging with every one you meet I like that one! :)

A happy smiling person who laughs at the shear joy of life makes those around them laugh too! I see you all :) xgins

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  • Gins just a very bighello good morning :-) .. Will not do long post as keeps oooops we could not find that page either (404) arrgh been up since 5 replying to keep getting this


  • Teehee"... I TOLD you I had...... It was the boards fault honestly..... But soooo appropriate today as just posted my fav song of all time...

    Don't you forget about me .... Simple minds ....


    VG x

  • Brilliat "Simple minds" indeed - laughs deeply - Simpley lovely sunny day today Waves back


  • i wish you a Happy Smiley Saturday as well .. xx

  • And to you too

    And we have sunshine hurrah!


  • Happy saturday too.x

  • To you also Sammy, I hope you make the most of the sunshine today enjoy and keep smiling xgins

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