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Today i have come on here as i wanted to tell ou all i have had the best day ever in a long time , i have been happy all day having a laugh with my kids and just enjoying the moment without pain free for a day it feels good not to feel that pain you feel every second of the day , am so greatful for this day , all i can say is god is watching over me today thankyou with a big smile on my face , :) i will say goodnight know to u all as i will be off to m lovely bed to rest for the night , to try and get some sleep thats the only thing i miss most is sleeping night u all love ya all xxx :)

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Awe hun that is lovely news I am so thrilled that you had a really fantastic painfree day and that you enjoyed it with your children GOD is certainly watching over you gentle hugs. Ros xx

Hi ellenmarie

That is absolutely wonderful to read, and I genuinely hope that your days continue in this way.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi ellenmarie, that is good news! thank you for sharing it :)

these are the kind of days that get you through bad ones - you know that you've had a good day and will again!

Its fantastic when you have a day like that isn't it. Really happy for you, hope the warmer weather heats up everyones joints and softens their painful muscles enough to get out and enjoy the world for a while.

Lovely to read your post - hope you have many more.


I hope today is as good for you, you really appreciate pain free days. Everyone should have them :)

Hi ellenmarie hope you had a good nights sleep last night and you today is as good as yesterday for you. wish you well fibro10

So glad for you, ellenmarie. Hope you have many more such days.

Hi ellenmaire, I'm pleased to read you had such a good day and wishing you many more

Storm x

Wonderful news it gives us all hope for the future when we hear that someone has had a painfree day. May you and everyone have manyxx

good to read your post about a pain free day and had a great day may you have many more it does give us hope for the future when you read you have had a pain free day god was definetly watching over you .x

FAB FAB FAB!!!! So so pleased for you and how lovely it is that you wanted to share your positive happy day with us. Your children must have been so pleased and will rememeber the day. Long may it continue and if it doesn't then please hold on to this day. Much love, Lyn

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