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Hi guys, Can Anyone help me with a HEADACHE?

I came home from work on thursday early feeling ill

dizzy spells, headache, sweating, cold and the the feeling of having divers weights all over my body.

My fibro is mostly under control and most of the symptoms are gone and only pop up for a few days now and then ( i am a lucky one ) but i still have the headache my neck is stiff my eyeballs feel like they are going to pop this is the fourth day and i would like to go back to work tomorrow as being at home reminds me of the old days (before i was diagnosed and given help)

i take pain killers and anti inflamatorys every 4 hours it eases for three hours then gets worse while i watch the clock waiting for the four hour mark. can anyone help PLEASE xxx

sorry i forgot to mention i even rub deep heat into my neck and forhead ( i was told this trick by a chemist just make sure you keep it away from your eyes ) it does work for a little while .

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SORRY i forgot to mention anyone who knows me will know i am trying to come of caffine and i dont think this is a result of that as i am doing very slowly and the plan is working well.


Hi sorry to hear that you are suffering and if you are taking all the meds you have i dont really know what else you could do but you could always call nhs direct they are a really good team and give out excellent advice that would be the safest option you can normally get ther number in your phone directory or on one of those phone sites or google it but i would def check with a proffessional before you start taking anything love to you and glad your weaning off caffine is going well love to you diddle x


I don't know the answer unfortunately dobby but I'd go and see my doctor tomorrow if I had a headache like that. I'm not one for going to the doctors, I rarely do but I'd go if I had a headache that bad tbh.

Sue x


Hi, I used to work in a pharmacy, and found out something interesting from the pharmacist one day - I had a really bad headache with symptoms similar to yours, and had been taking the maximum dose of pain killers, and it wasn't shifting. It turns out, that the medication could be causing the headache, as you can actually get what he called bounce back pain.... I will try and find some information on line and post it... but it could actually be your pain relief that is making it go on for as long as it has... worth thinking about. Could also be withdrawal from coffee on top of it, as they sound like classic cold turkey symptoms....

I would ring the out of hours doctor if you're that bad - don't wait any longer xx


I heard that many years ago too KC. :) xxx


Hope this helps too.... xx gentle hugs xx


Hiya, I've had as headache exactly as you descibed but with the added treat if feeling like I have an iron band round my head that is getting so tight the top of my head is going to explode!

Mine started fri afternoon after a couple of days with extreme pain in my lower back and legs.

I got worse through fri evening, even being woken up by the headache in the night.

I got up sat morning still bad but tried to get on anyway. Had a cup of tea in the kitchen, stood up to go to the bathroom and prompty collasped!!

The pain in my head was so bad I simply couldnt move for a good 5mins and had to lay on the kitchen floor with a pillow

When I did feel able to move I had to crawl on all fours back to bed, where I stayed till 3:30pm.

Graduated to the sofa and was able to use my laptop for a bit then back to bed.

This morning, thank god, it seems to be easing. Both the headache and pain in my legs which has now moved up to meet the pain in my neck but its not as bad even if its affecting more of my body.

I get a headache like this about every 4-6 weeks and have always just thought it was part of my fibro?

I really hope you dont start getting them on a regular basis because I swear at my worsed yesterday if someone had offer to put me down I'd have said go for it!!

Gentle hugs and hope you feel well soon, xx


Hi Christine,

I've got an appointment for 24th april ( that was first I could get with dr I want) while Im waiting Im making a list of all the probs Im having and Im hoping he will take the time to go through it with me.

I'll make sure I tell him about the severity and frequency of the headaches, this last one was especially bad, altho not the first time I've collapsed with one.

Thanx for your concern, it really means a lot to come on hear and talk to people who understand.

Gentle hugs, Karen xx


THANKS everyone i knew about the painkillers causing the pain but i was not taking them every 4 hour before it hit me i only started using them reguler on thursday morning i have 30mg codine and paracetamol seperate so i don't think thats the reason. but thank you for suggesting it please keep helping i am going for a lie down now with an ice pack.


Are you able to get to an osteopath? If I get too stressed (not difficult!) then I get a stiff neck and pain that radiates over my head which feels like a tight band and then travels to my eyes which feel dry and sore. My osteopath does some work on my neck and the back of my head and this usually does the trick.



Hi Dobby,

Have you tried the migraine relief cold strips? They are fantastic with a lovely cooling affect, which is very soothing. I go to bed when I have a similar long-lasting headache, placing a strip on my forehead and lie there until I fall asleep. I usually wake feeling much better and in far less pain. It could be worth you trying, but as others have suggested, I'd still go to the doctor too if I were you. Also think about having your eyes checked.

Hope you recover soon. Hugs. x


Stay after from anything that has codiene in it like miss Kitty advises, this causes bounce back. Try souble paracetamol. sometimes works for me as my headaches can last for weeks at a time. God luck x


thank you all taking your advice and going the docters today


how did you get on at the docs?? xx


There's been a nasty virus going round with bad headaches cold and flu symptoms and feeling sick. I had it for 3 weeks


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