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Just wanted to say hello again

Hi every one I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend with pain levels that are not crippling and stopping you getting about your business that seems to be an impossible ask but I'm hoping any least that can never be taken away from us  hope I mean!!   Well thats what the pain physiology tells me each time I visit them . 

So I just wanted to wish my extended family a lovely time and have a suggestion I have found that breathing threw the pain has helped me also I try to meditate even if just for a few seconds to calm my brain its stopped me from going up the pole I just close my eyes breath in and breath the pain out I try this several times a day some days it actually works even if its just to fix your focus on breathing it take's your mind away from thinking about your pain  sent with many many gentle ((((((HUGS)))))) :-)

oouch xx 

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I'm glad you have learned to do to help ease your physical and mental pain.I wish you the best . Peck.😊


Hi there

It's great to see you again :)

Meditation is an excellent form of self help.  Stilling the mind is a real art which I so wish I could achieve.

I sincerely hope that your post will help others.

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu xx

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Thanks for that info. Sounds like what your advised to do during child birth, it worked then, so I'll try it. 👍😊

Best wishes


Hi oouch

Thank you so much for sharing that with us all, it is genuinely appreciated and I agree with you completely.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi, and good to see you about.

Thank you for your thoughts and many gentle hugs to you too :)

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Well I'm glad to try and have helpful suggestions that do work some days for me but the best test is ti try have a go and see for ones self. I'm hiding from the sun shine atm as I have something going on with my face that is just as if I've spent to long in the sun and burnt if I'd be that daft lol! but it is still lovely to not have the damp wet weather even if I do have to hide indoors :-) hope your all having a much better time as this weather does diminish the pain a degree or two .............Happy week end folks :-)

Kind Regards oouch :-) xx


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