Please let today be a good day

Please let today be a good day

I think we all have days when the pain gets too much and we have to stop the world and get off for a while... What do you do on these days... I think lots of us on here have being having flares recently ... On my bad days I snuggle up under my quillow a cushion that turns into a fleecy blanket pile myself up with pillows hot pack round my neck, get plenty of liquid and watch my favourite films quietly... The house takes care of itself.... I was wondering what do other members do , perhaps by sharing we could find something new to try for ourselves

VG x

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  • Hi VG,

    Sorry you're not feeling so good, Your Ladyship!

    This miserable weather is upsetting a lot of people at the moment. I must admit that I'm nearly at the end of my tether with the pain in my right wrist and my knees. It's difficult to type, and as for handwriting - forget it!

    My refuge from pain has been my Kindle - it's so much easier to handle than a book, and I LURVE reading. It's hard to get into a comfy position to do it, tho', so like you I have to use lots of pillows.

    I took my own pillows to hospital with me - they only give you two, and that's no b***** good!

    It looks brighter today, so I'm going to try a short walk - fresh air always makes me feel better in myself, no matter how much it hurts. Can't hold a shopping bag, tho' - so I shall have to find a spare man to carry stuff for me!

    Hurry up and get well - I'll let you have a lend of me Dame frock so that you can do a bit of flouncing - that'd set you up!

  • Ohhh moffy that would look so good me turning up at the supermarket in your dame dress on my mobilty scooter perhaps they would give me a personal shopper. Just munching my porridge then I think I might start on one of my fav films.

    Here's hoping to more ideas coming in

    VG x

  • good morning VG I put pillows around me and watch tv as you said the house can take care of it self also when I am feeling down you and Gins make me smile with your lovely banter you two are stars take care

    love beth x

  • Thanks Beth glad you like gins and I but I have to add Sandra LIbs moffy KazF and others into those thanks as they have really entered into the spirit of my madness and am hoping you and others will soon be joining in ..... The more people we can drag into these insane threads the better....

    VG x

  • yes VG I agree should have said all the others as well I dont write bloggs often but I come on this lovely site a few times a day to cheer myself up take care

    love beth x

  • Morning VG.

    I have a lovely V shaped pillow I use and it supports me both sides and my back. I have the concentration levels of a goldfish so reading books are out for me at the moment. I record lots of the TV then settle down with a cuppa, some digestives (a must with a cuppa) and then watch TV. I am not into soaps but love animal rescue progs with happy endings or police chases, even Jezzer makes me feel better about myself.

    BTW Princess Libs has suggested I am a Princess too. Princess Piggy does have a certain ring to it don't you think? Though Lady S did point out it would be shortened to PP and so I would definately need to be near the loo :-D

    Hope you aren't in too much pain..

    Big Piggy hugs xxxxxxxx

  • PP oh I love it... You know that itsgoing to send my brain into overdrive for my next insane thread .... And of course you can have the starring roll

    Grins evilly

    VG :D

  • Looks extremely worried!

  • Looks extremely relieved!

  • Hello VG, sorry to hear how you're feeling today, make sure you keep warm and snuggly, that will help you.

    I too have a wonderful V pillow, couldn't live without it. I have my Kindle, lots of cuppas, a fleece blanket and a hot water bottle and I hibernate with all of them. If I am warm I feel more able to cope and get well. I have a memory foam mattress topper on my bed (much better than a memory foam full mattress, I've tried them all lol!), and my body is totally warm and snuggled. It's the only way! I can read to my heart's content. If my brain won't handle books, then I keep a hoard of old magazines to flick through that don't take any brain power, works every time!

    Hope you feel better really soon VG!

    Going off to do my hair, oh what a chore.

    Love and hugs

    Princess Libs


    (Piggie - love the PP, haha that made me chuckle, I didn't think of that lol!)

  • Hi VG

    Sorry to hear today's a duvet day, but after your exploits of the last few days you need a rest.

    Between the carrot rustling, terrorising your neighbours with your tank, bestowing grand titles on fellow fibromites, and the excitement generated by flying royal fibro air, a day of snuggling up with a good film seems perfect.

    I can't always follow a whole film without (literally) losing the plot, or falling asleep, so for me it's either boxed sets of tv series, or recorded episodes of something that falls into the category of 'chewing gum for the brain'. Also, reading, or playing games on phone or iPad.

    Keep warm and comfy



  • On the sofa with my V pillow, hot pack, laptop, phone and mobile close to hand or on silent and my human blanket (three small dogs).I try to watch TV but usually dose off! Thankfully I don't get too many of these days and on an -not good but not too bad day-I like to get out and walk although not doing much of that this weather, a quick walk around the block with the dogs is all I manage.

  • I meant doze off but on a really bad day dose off fits:P

  • A soak in a hot bubble bath... V-pillow...soft M&S pj's...cup of hot chocolate...with my feet in a foot spa. Add to this my Kindle, some soft music and my other half dispensing some much needed sympathy and that's me sorted for the evening lol

  • Thanks everyone for sharing .... Mmmmm hot chocolate......

    VG xxx

  • I find walking and spending time with a friend helps XXX

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