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Vitamin D deficiency

My specialist tested my Vitamin D2 and D3 levels recently and has contacted me to inform me that my D2 level is <10 and Vitamin D3 level is 24ng. I understand that both of these figures are very low, from what he said and he is prescribing me Pro-D3 capsules of 20,000 units three days a week, for four weeks, proceeded by 800 units daily for three months. Interesting that people with Fibro often have very low Vitamin D levels and that these levels can contribute to many of the symptoms that people with Fibromyalgia have.

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I also have a Vit D supplement, I have the Acrette D3 twice daily. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi, my Vit D level dropped a couple years ago to 11 . I was on 50,000 units three days a week for a year. Now I just have to take an extra 2,000 units a day to keep my vit. D in check.



Hi Zimbabwemac

I was given multi vitamins called Forceval. After taking them for a couple of weeks I did actually feel much better but they also made me very nauseous and after being physically sick couple of times I sacked them. Noticed the difference immediately. Gotta be some connection there xx


I recently had a low Vit D in my lab work, tho I have forgotten actual count ... I was prescribed 500/day for three+ months ... am due to go back in a few days for the follow-up to check the results/impact on a Parathyroid Hormone "issue" also in my labs / blood work, that doc felt might be a response to the low Vit D reading.

I have read about low Vit D being connected to FM but cannot provide references, unfortunately ~ lots of "fog" today ...


I mistakenly said 500 units, when it's actually 5000 D3 ...

There's the Fibro fog at work again. Sorry.


My doctor put Me on a vitamin D regamin also.Have not noticed any change in pain.


So spoke to my GP about the issue recently and he intimated that the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency was ' a fad' in medicine at the moment. I think where he might be wrong is that some recent research suggests that Vitamin D deficiency is possibly responsible for, or aggravating certain conditions of which Fibromyalgia is but one example. Whether everyone with this condition will benefit is quite another matter and obviously it is only at the end of a four month period of treatment that they will know whether increased Vitamin D levels have led to any discernible improvement in pain levels of patients.


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