Home at Last and Thanks For Your Best Wishes

Well what a performance!!! As you know was taken to QMC with uncontrollable Shakes last Sunday night to A&E as Ambulance Crew couldn't work out what was happening as temp etc normal.  I was examined by a Dr who took bloods and went for Chest Cray due to crackling right lung. Result was I was discharged at 0500 in the morning with no medication and no real explanation or diagnosis. Just over 24 hours later at homeboy wife noticed my behaviour was strange and talking nonsense. She rang the Surgery and thankfully spoke to my own GP who was with me all the way through SEPSIS. He told me to go straight down to him, which we did. He discovered my SATS were all over the place  for no reason. He sent me straight to QMC with a letter from him to the Assessment Unit. I was immediately admitted. Lots of blood tests, chest Xray but most importantly they took throat swabs. I was on the Ward for a couple of days with signs of being discharged when they suddenly got the throat swabs back from Microbiology. I was suddenly isolated to a side room and it had been found I had METAPNEUMOVIRUS. (Sorry you will have to look it up its a bit long winded!!) I was finally discharged last night and to rest at home. Just now have to complete the Antibiotics Course. I think the lesson learnt is that we all know our own bodies and when something is wrong. We must also be more assertive and insist on further tests or investigations. What non of us on HealthUnlocked should ever do is be afraid or indecisive about seeking medical help because we think we might be "Wasting peoples time" That is the reason we all come together on these pages to help and support each other.

With all my love and Best wishes to everyone


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  • Thank You Phillylou. Bluebell is sitting outside looking at me as we Email now. Got a Mega makeover due for her in June so got to get well to take her to get new leather seats etc at Doncaster in May


  • Glad to hear you're home safe and well,  you are so true I always say listen to your body, it's getting others to listen is usually the problem 😟    Take care

  • Quite agree. You sometimes feel like banging the so called 'Experts' heads against a brick wall. What I really noticed whilst an In Patient was the ''Rush' to get you out so that someone else gets a bed. It's quite frightening that Bed  Availability takes preference over Patient Health and Welfare


  • So pleased you are on the mend. 

  • Great to see you back on here Phil and hopefully on the mend, I'm sure the ICUsteps community would like to welcome you back.


  • Thanks Bill. Just to let you know I have received an Email from the QMC ICU Critical Care Sister. I will copy and paste it into this reply but basically my wish might come true for a Support Group in Nottingham.

    Hello Phil

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I do hope you are keeping well.

    Thank you for the literature you sent to me through the post.

    I have discussed your thoughts with my Critical Care Matron. We are currently looking at the rehabilitation pathway for both the physical and psychological needs of our patients, and this is something of great interest to us. I am unsure of the timescale but I will be in touch with you as soon as this is progressed.

    In the meantime if you have any further questions do let me know.

    Best wishes

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    QMC Campus

    NUH NHS Trust

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    So Bill things are looking more positive

    Best wishes


  • That's fantastic news Phil, ICUsteps are happy to offer support and advice if required and have a network of local groups that can also offer advice and of course I'm always here to support you, but the main thing is you take the time to recover and rest when you need to, looking after yourself is the main objective in life.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Bill. Look forward to a Hastings meeting sometime


  • Hello Phil

    I don't believe we have chatted before. 

    It is great to hear that you are now at home and are resting up. 

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you were saying about insisting on investigations being done. However I do not personally think that it is a particularly easy thing to do when you are feeling extremely poorly and possibly on your own.

    I competely agree with you it's just often we don't know what tests we need, and trying to insist on something when we are feeling vulnerable can be very difficult. 

    These are just my thoughts for what they're worth 😊

    Take care of yourself

    Lu x

    Admin Volunteer 

  • I Lu

    Actually your comments are worth a lot and as I always keep saying that is exactly what we are all here for chatting to each other

    Phil x

  • Thanks Phil 😊

    I do agree with you, but I feel when we are "extra" ill it can be hard to get the care we need. 

    I hope you are having a manageable day. 

    Lu xx

  • So glad they eventually got you sorted and you are home at last and on the way to recovery. So glad you got your own GP who knows you. Yes they seem to shove people out far too soon I reckon if we have to stay in they will start putting us in those tiered bunk beds to give them more space.

    Yes we know our own. bodies but as Arymretep says it is getting other people to listen to us that is the problem. By sharing our experiences we learn so much from each other.x

  • Hi Phil112

    I sincerely want to wish you a speedy recovery and it is wonderful to read that you are now home. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you were suffering from this virus and it closely resembles a flu like virus, most studies of this have been undertaken in children with bronchitis from what I have just been reading.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken that's really kind. It Came out of nowhere. I had just started to feel well and happy for the first time in ages when it suddenly hit me out the blue and don't know how or why. It just makes me feel insecure about feeling well again, especially 12 months Post Sepsis, just to get knocked down again. Best wishes


  • I can genuinely imagine that it has affected your sense of security coming out of the blue like that. Please take care my friend.  

  • Phil So sorry to hear what happened to you but so glad it was caught  in time it's sounds as it saved your life.I wish you the very best in your recovery my friend.Be blessed.Peck☺

  • Thank you so much fervour kind wishes

  • So agree with your summing up, of what we feel and need to do, glad your wife was on the ball in seeing and taking action, and your gp backing you both up, getting you quick attention. y husband got sceptaceamia, so know how horrible and serious that is, affected his gall bladder with it, such a relief to get past it and back to some normality.  Not heard of virus youve experienced, but glad youve got through it and its over with.  Good to be back home, so best wishes.

  • Thank you so much and Best Wishes to your other half. It seems that Sepsis always starts in Gall Bladder and wonder why this is. Perhaps someone on the site knows.

    Best wishes


  • YES - Everyone please read this, you can save lives by knowing that a confused state of mind, hallucinations, repetitive actions, or frequently loosing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence can all be serious signs of sepsis. The next stage of sepsis is unconsciousness, so it is serious.

    Another thing to lookout for is difficulty breathing. They may test the level of oxygen in your blood (usually with a little red light around a finger) and it might come back as normal level of O2. HOWEVER this is not the whole story, as your oxygenation level can be normal, but the level of carbon dioxide in the blood can be too high and that is what is causing the breathing difficulties. You have to stick to your guns sometimes and insist on being checked out more throughly and even tell them you think it is sepsis, or high carbon dioxide levels in the blood causing breathlessness NOT lack of oxygenation.

    I'm so glad you are better Phil!

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