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Asthma ... and painkillers, whats best???? Any ideas???

Hi I’m after some advice please.

I currently take co-dydramol 10mg/500mg as pain relief and I’ve been taking co-codomol or similar for about 3 years now but I’m finding the affect on my asthma is getting much worse and causing problems, these aren’t strong enough either but the stronger they are the worse they affect my chest so I can’t take any higher a dose of codine.

I also can’t take aspirin or ibuprofen (I took them over a weekend a while ago and by Sunday night was rushed into A&E!!!)

I’ve booked an appointment with my GP to see what else I can take( I should have gone months ago but I’m terrified she’ll take away what I have now if I tell her how bad it is!!!) and I was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem and has found something that is better or safer to take???

I think I might get on better with the doc if I can suggest something to her so any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all so much xxx

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Think only really your Dr's can deal with that unless anyone can give what they are taking with Asthma too.. I know anti-imflamatorys are not so good (i am allergic to them and aspirin) i take as you co-dydromol and lyrcia i do not have asthma but alately i am having some slight issues in my lung area and shortness of breath when talking and jumbling the words because of it.. as you willknow you are resitricted with asthma and what meds you can take as can trigger the symptoms worse!

Doctors are the best for advice on meds especially with interactions, you could ask pharmacy and they would still prob send you to doctors..but what di the hospital do when you were rushed in did they not advise or give you anything.. co-codomol tends to be a no no too.. xx all the best but hopefully there is some one on here in same position as you who knows what works for them x


Think your right I'll just have to see what the doc's say, last time I was rushed to hospital they just did the norm emergency breathing and then send you home with loads of really strong steroides... which I hate!!

It's a dificult situation as most of the pain relief seems to cause problems but I'll see what the dos says.

Thanks for the reply xxx


Hi jessy,

I have asthma and cant take ibruprofen at all.

I take cocodamol and gabapentin and they work really well together.

What inhalor are you?

I have asked for a stronger one as when my asthma plays up it hurts to breathe and its working really well and my asthma was really bad and now i hardly wheeze.

hugs, kelxxxx


I take seretide 250microgram twice a day obviusly have the ventolin aswell and take singulair tablets at night 10mg there a montelukast sodium, what do you take for your asthma? and what strenght cocodamol do you take?

I've never herd of the other one you take, might look that up.

My asthma is significantly worse at night and always has been I offten sleep sat upright as if I lie down I just can't breath.

Thanks Kels xx


I am on seretide too, so your asthma is worse than mine.

I am on the 30/500 cocdamol and that gabapentin is for nerve pain hun but it seems to give me a boost. It doesnt work for everyone though and it is strong but i think it is worth a shot, you should ask about it.

I am bad when i go to bed like you lying down, but my seratide helps me so i dont have to lie sitting up.

I just find my ribs hurt so much when i am trying to breathe most of the time.

kel xxx


Thanks Kel I'll ask my GP about the gadapentin and see what she says it might be worth a try don't think theres any chance I could take the 30/500 cocodamol tho as the 15/500 have a terrible affect on my asthma and although it helps with the pain I'm up all night as I can't breath!!

I offten joke with my sis about what I should chose tonight pain or breathing!! LOL ( not really a great choice)

Thanks again for the advice XXX


Let me know how you get on hun. :)

I am off to bed now i have to just to be able to get up in the morning lol.

Good luck, kel xxx


Hiya, I manage to take Oramorph Liquid with my asthma which is brittle i use the 250mg seretide, ventolin inhalors and also ventolin nebules several times a week.

Like yourself i cant use NSAIDS (Asprin etc) as they make me very wheezy, although i am okay with a ibuprofin gel but i try and limit my usage of it to 1-2 times a day maximum.

I was okay with gabapentin with my asthma and i am okay with pregablin ( Lyrica) now with it


If your GP is not confident, ask for a referral to a pain management clinic - the doctors there should be experienced at dealing with this sort of problem.

Analgesics are not usually a primary treatment for Fibro, so you want a more targeted approach anyway.


I have bad asthma and have had lots of problems with painkillers because of this, I have tried every painkiller going lol. the only solution ive come up with is electric heat pads, They are good for pain relief and dont give me breathing problems.


hi to be honest youreally are going to have to go toyour GP asthma is a very serious condition and needs to be looked at by your GP and he can then tell you the meds you are to take etc make an appointment asap and i do hope that they will sort you out and get you on the right meds for your condition love to you diddle x


Thanks so much everyone for your answers. :o)

I'll make some notes about the meds you've mentioned and the pain managment clinic and take that with me to the Doc's, my app's not for a while as there so busy but I'll let you know how it goes.

Always feel better if I go in to the doc's a bit more prepared so thanks again for your help. XXXX


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