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Brilliant Doctor!

I saw my GP on Friday, as a follow up from my neurology appointment, and he told me that that is very unlikely that I have a brain tumour!

This might sound silly but when he referred me for headaches and other symptoms, I really didn't think of a tumour.!

We had a good chat and I told him what has been going on, he is sending me for blood tests now, on the Neuros advice, and also because of the joint pains and chest problems .

I did pluck up the courage to ask him about fibro. and his answer was that we have a long road to go down before we consider this, although it is quite possible with my symptoms.

He wants to check other conditions, as there are quite a few I gather, he is being very thorough.

He told me that he is determined to get me the best quality of life possible, no matter how long it takes, he was so kind and understanding, he has been amazing dealing with my back problems, and the recent sudden development of RLS.

I feel totally reassured, as I was worried he might think it was all in the mind, with my history of depression and PTSD, but absolutely not, he said having seen me for years working morning noon and night and still caring for my family, he would never assume such a thing.

I am so relieved and feel so very lucky to have him as my GP.

Best wishes to you all Cazx

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Wow! He sounds wonderful, xx


Ohhh this post is on twice! I thought was missing something lol xx


Sorry about that, I edited it after posting not realising that it would go on twice duh!


Hi Caz, I wish I had a GP like yours!! I don't know any of the GP's in my practice, I don't know which I can trust, which I can talk to. None of them know anything about my family history, that my grandson has lived with me for over 10 years because his mum has been(is at times) a drug addict, none of them know my dear husband died 9 years ago at 50 years of age, or that I've been ill for at least the last 20 years! I have to sit and explain everything each time I see one of the Dr's, (NOT fun)!

Your GP is so right Caz, you need to rule everything else out before you can rule fibro in, just in case there is something else which can be identified with blood tests etc. We know there's no definitive test for fibro, so it's ruling everything else out, rather than fibro in. Good luck, I hope you get a diagnosis soon, sounds like you have a gem of a GP there to me, care to share him, lol.


I am so sorry, and I do hope you find a good doctor soon!


that's great cazbaz as good docs are hard to find xx :)


That sounds a bit like my Dr, it is a good feeling to know you are understood & they are doing everything to help you.

I remember him saying that it will take time to get the proper diagnosis. hope you are feeling well today, take care, gentlehugs. x.


omg caz,(oops! sorry i hate that expression!) asounds a really lovely g.p they seem to be a rare thing(in york area anyway) xx


If anyone is lucky enough to be moving to Sunbury-on-Thames,may I suggest a practice that has a lovely,understanding Doctor re: Fibro? Am I allowed to do this?


Thank you all for your replies! Cazx


MIne is brilliant too, we are now investigating the side effects of my meds, to try and find out if it is one of those which is causing these Godawful sweats!!! I mean SWEATS!!! I am constantly POURING with sweat even in winter and all through the night too.

First he stopped my statin, and will try another one this week, since the statin was stopped last time I saw him and am still melting. He may stop the amytriptylline this time, then go through the lot until he finds which one it is (if any) if it turns out not to be meds, He's sending me back to the Rheumatologist.

He always gives me a double appointment, and more often than not overruns it. He is amazing, I just hope he doesn't move on like he did last time (he was my GP before, but left that practise) I tracked him down online and got back in with him and I've told him if he ever leaves again, I will stalk him until I find him!! :-)


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