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Help at last!

A couple of weeks ago I rang the Adults with Disabilities social work team to see if I could get some more help.I had a visit from a very nice man (!) last week and he is going to send someone from the enablement team to see what I need help with.

He is also going to write me a letter to send with my housing application to increase my chances of getting somewhere sooner.He is going to contact the team who deals with hearing impairment .He reeled off all sorts of things I might be able to get from them! such as smoke detectors,carbon monoxide alarms,a thing that you wear around your neck to amplify the TV or conversations (as well as your hearing aids I think

He also said I could get a fall alarm which I was pleased about as I am getting increasingly worried about how I would get up if I did fall.I'm very unbalanced and it seems to come in waves and go for a few days and be perfectly fine then have a week of falling or nearly falling several times a day!

It was such a releif for someone to actually take command and make suggestions! The social worker also said that once I'm on the housing association list It could be as little as a couple of months if they have a suitable property before I can move.I'm not getting excited though because everything I do always seems to be long and drawn out!.I will however start to pack little used things as it takes so long for me to do things.I'd thought of using the bags that you put laundry in,the checked ones .I saw them being sold on a removals website and thought it was a good idea.You can put quite a lot in them and still manage to carry them.

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That's great so nice to hear of someone getting some help ...fingers crossed everything goes well for you

VG x


Thanks! x


That's great news, Amanda - nice to hear that something is going well for you at last!

I hope you get a new home very soon!

Moffy x


Thanks it will be so much easier! I also like the thought of being with a housing association and not renting privately.I may disagree with that comment once I move but I'm sure I'd get much more done as my landlady hardly does anything to upkeep the house ,none of our bedroom doors shut and I haven'y even got a door handle on mine!


I'm so pleased for you Amanda.




That is encouraging positive news for you, hope all goes well for you. Good luck to you in your new home. I am sure it won"t be a long wait for you. I am sure yo will get better Housing Care with the Housing Association, @ least they look after their properties and their tenants too! God Bless you. Betty Baby X


The enablement team will be really good at seeing what you can do for yourself and will then have a clearer picture of what help you need. They also work with occupational therapists to see if you need any aids to help with daily living. I hope they have said that once over and you move to care agency or direct payment if you choose, you will be financially assessed. If you are claiming benefits and have less than £13k (we wish hey) if you do have to contribute towards your care, it should be minimal, few pounds a week at most. The assessment team can always see whether there may be other benefits out there that you may be entitled to.

The falls detector, carbon monoxide, etc is a system called Telecare. I really endorse it as it is a brilliant system and keeps a lot of people safe. It can also have mattress detectors that canvibrate if there is a fire and if you get up in the night can turn on lights, time how long you are out of bed in most situations, in case you fall then and you don't have your pendant on. It goes through your landline.

It may be worth also asking for an OT to be allocated for when you move, so that if you need rails, etc, these can be put in place quickly and they can make sure that the property is suitable for your needs. This can even help if you need a wet room in place.

Us social workers can be a good bunch.

If you have any queries and can't get hold of your social worker by all means message me as I am on here most nights.

Good luck and fingers crossed for a quick and smooth move.

Take care



wow ! thanks Jo that sounds as if I wont be paying for anything as I am now only on benefits and don't even get DLA as I'm still waiting for the tribunal date. It would be absolute heaven if I didn't have to do stairs and I had a wet room,it would get rid of a lot of the problems immediately.


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