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Home alone at last!

Well I'm finally home alone,yesterday was a busy day,mum came to stay for the night so it was mum my partner and I for diner,in the evening I was back on my feet again as my son and his new girlfriend came for tea,this was the first time I had met her and as we had loads of pressies to open I didn't want her to feel left out so I had got her lots of little pressies to open,it was a lovely day but so tiring,my ankles were realy hurting where I had been in and out of the kitchen all day,my bed was a welcome sight when it was the end of the day!

Today my partners son and daughter and her boyfriend came for lunch,I did a buffet laid up in the little sitting room ( we have two ) then I laid it up with the deserts and finally a selection of cheeses and port to finish,iv had a small glass of bubbly but that's all as I find most alcohol horrible now!

They then wanted to listen to music which just got too much for me so iv been pottering in the kitchen.

And now they have all gone to the local pub for a drink and I'm home alone...what a relief! I'm so tired and my back and head are is so lovely and quiet now,I didn't want to go to the pub,its not my thing anymore,I'm so exhausted so when I finish my much needed cuppa tea I'm think I should have a sleep for a while.

I do hope you have all had a lovely Christmas,I should imagine it has been exhausting for you if you get a chance a little rest may be in order!

((((((((((Soft hugs to you all))))))))

Julie xxx

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Hi PB it's nice having some time to yourself when it's been busy,I've had a lovely lazy day,reading,poodling about now my kids have gone to their dads for a week,ahhhhhhh rest and relaxation and time to recharge the batteries. Oh and I've eaten too much toblerone lol.

Happy Xmas!


High teddysmum

I hope you've been ok on your own,i used to hate it when my son used to go off and see his dad for days,i didnt have fibro then but all the familier sounds that were in the house had all gone and it was so quiet! Your right about recharging the batteries,i usually only need an hour on my own R&R and that does the trick,it been nice having family over but Its like one minute everything is normal and all of a sudden every one is here and


Enjoy your rest pinkblossom. You deserve it after all you have been doing. It was so nice to get all those pressies for the new girlfriend. I bet she appreciated it. We FMS sufferers are very kind, nice people aren't we!

Hoping that 2013 brings you all you could wish for yourself and more....and better health.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


Sounds like a lovely family Xmas (the best kind!) Now's the time for self-pampering! xx


A rest would be lovely if I could just sit down. Stomach bad and Hiatus hernia playing up so I am having to stand. If I sit the pain just rips through my stomach lol. Not funny I know but if I did not laugh I would cry especially as the COPD got worse Xmas eve. I hope you get some much needed rest xxxxx


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