sore throats and coughing causing chest spasms

hi last week i suddenly had a very sore throat and chest pains. as the weekend came and went i was not feeling better. so i went to the docs and got antibiotics for the throat infection. i have nearly finished this course and still don't feel well. My throats is still very painful and the coughing will not stop. also feeling dizzy as i think there is something wrong with my ears as well. what else can i do but go back to the docs. ps i am exhausted

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  • You poor thing.....It does sound as though a doctor's visit is necessary I hope you are feeling better very soon and not so exhausted....coughing!!!! Hug xx

  • it certainly is. apparently i have a viral infection and a bacterial infection

  • Hi Gemmy oh thats awful, you poor thing, the constant coughing totally wears you out & makes you ache all over. It sounds like you have one of these nasty viruses going around & it can last up to 6 wks & you may need another dose of antibiotics to stop it from getting worse because a chest infection can very quickly turn into pneumonia, so if I were you, I would definitely go back to GP, it may even mean you need a small dose of steroids, I've been like this before & had to use a nebulizer, so there is lots of things the doctor can offer you to help. Do let us know how you get on & i hope you soon feel better my friend.

    Luv Jan xx

  • thank you got too much to do then just sit here in bed

  • It is a horrible virus that seems to be going around even my normally healthy friends have succumbed and it has made them feel really ill. Unfortunately sometimes these antibiotics don't seem to kick in until the last few days but if you are no better it does look like the GP again for you.

    Look after yourself get better soon.x

  • will do

  • Hi hun- join the hundreds of us that have had this Upper Respiratory Track Infection! Its a stinker, are you still coughin up gunk? Loads of ice cream cold drinks to soothe throat I must say my g.p refused antibiotics and I used COUGH lemsip capsules (not powders for colds) it was around 3 weeks before I fully recovered but the capsules broke up the gunk!!!

  • yes i am but at least it's not green anymore

  • its getting better then it just takes its toll I.m afraid.. good luck

  • I am one of the many here who have succumbed to this virus in the past few weeks.

    I can truly empathise as I am still struggling with a wooly head, cough, sore throat and fatigue such as I haven't felt for years.

    Unfortunately so many docs refuse to give antibiotics now and say it will go in it's own time.

    However, if you feel that you have new symptoms or you are getting worse, then you must consult your doctor as you could be suffering from a secondary infection, which will need antibiotics.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • docs gave me antibiotics as it was a viral infection and a bacterial infection

  • Hi Gemmy

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I also think a return trip to the doctors is needed. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hope you are well soon. All that coughing hurts our weedy muscles, ouchy! Don't forget after the Anti-biotics, you might want to replenish your good bacteria with a good course of Probiotics? Don't want your tummy going haywire too! No good bugs=food not digested properly=body deprived of nutrients=poor immunity=more infections=poor health=:(

    Just a thought hey?

    Was reading kids with Crohns have actually fully recovered, using foecal transplants. (yuck!) It turns out we MUST have good bacteria for digestion. It's not an optional extra. No longer is it just some crack pot idea. We Fibromites often suffer tummy wise and don't need to make our poor tummies worse.

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