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Fall in supermarket

I had wrist surgery last Thursday to release tendons in my left wrist, Friday morning dh took me to local supermarket, to get some groceries I could manage to eat one handed

While we were thereinthe last aisle they had appeared to have over polished the floor and I slipped over badly injuring my right ankle banging my left elbow. Although I screamed for help as I couldn't get up on my own and dispite the shop being full of employees just chatting to one another at the tolls the only person to hear me was my dh, Had to go to hospital for treatment, can,t use crutches because of wrist surgery so I am stuck in my wheelchair luckily I have one.

I don't usually walk to far because of pain in my legs and back, but I felt up to walking that day wish I hadn't now..

My dh with heavy trad work boots nearly slipped as well, hence we think they had over polished the floors. There was a cleaner behind one of the tills just at the end of a very nearby aisle. We told her about the trip and floor and she apologised immediately and said she would deal with it straight away. No warning signs were out. It was very early in the morning they had only been opened for half hour or so when I fell and hardly anyone was in there apart from staff,

At the end of the aisle by the tills the cleaner was there, so tol

I feel like I have been hit by a truck everywhere is bruised and battered and even delayed injuries are coming out like this morning my back has gone numb. It does this every now and then so can't put it fully down to fall but it has certainly aggreviated things.

Trouble is our home is to narrow for wheelchair so I have mainly been stuck in bed, can't beleive how much this has affected me it or taken its toll on my body. Just feeling fed up and alone.

To top it off my youngest kitty was taken seriously ill last night and had dh had to rush him to vets at midnight, if we left it he might have died. He has been looking after me all week hardly leaving my side he has always been my little shadow and I'm missing him,

All in all am just upset, hurting, fed up and feeling a bit lonely at the moment.

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Sorry to hear about your fall and the subsequent problems its not nice i lnow. I had hand surgery last october and fell off the toilet in the night somehow dont ask me how all i know i was upside down half on and half off the toilet and the arm i had had the surgery on hut the floor first i sat there for a long time wondering how i was going to get up. It was bery cold as well i eventually managed to untangle myself from the toilet seat and the floor. But the hand ended up broken which hindered the recovery and of course i couldnt drive anywhere and being on my own unable to do my cross stitch which is the one thing to keep me reasonably sane was very tough. At the moment both my hands are driving me nuts see consultant in two weeks time but not sure if he will do anything. Sending you hugs hope your aches and pains ease a bit. X

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So sorry about all that has happened, but we are here for you! I hope that you will be ok. I truly understand about the fall. It just jars everything and makes matters worse! Sending lots of gentle hugs your way!!


I am so genuinely sorry to read of your suffering and struggling and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Just read your post as though you didn't have enough to contend with. Hope by the time you read this you are feeling a bit more comfortable.x


Thank you everyone,

Still in lots of pain never seems to ease up


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