I fell over in my bedroom this morning slamming my face on the floor i ward a lid crack which i think was my neck as i landed so awkwardly thought i had broken my left hand and lay on the floor thinking if i can't get up noone will even look for me until wednesday, luckily i did manage to get up and have been in agony all day my left cheek and face is still throbbing and sore. my whole body is agony and i know tomorrow will be even worse. i do have Dr's tomorrow afternoon also having my eyes tested if i can actually have those frames put on my face, fingers crossed the face all be less painful tomorrow at the moment it is still weeping. i guess i should just be glad i was indoors and to out or it would have been far worse. luckily i am moving in with my daughter and her fiancé into a bungalow next week which will be so much better, Hope everyone else is well


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  • So sorry to hear about the fall it must have been a very frightening experience. Glad that you have a doctors appointment as at least you can have a good check over. You will feel much better when you move in with your daughter. Hope everything isn;t too painful and that you can get some rest tonight. Hope that they can still test you for the glasses. Big hugsxx

  • Hi there, sorry to hear you had a bad fall, you should have called a doctor out to you, once you could move, I also have one of those walk about phones that I keep on me in. a bum bag all day round my waist just incase something like that should happen to me then I know I can phone someone, an ambulance, doctor ect....I think you may prob have sone bruises , can you not change your appt to the morning or go to A&E ....hope you feel a little better tomorrow and haven't hurt yourself too seriously....gentle hugs.....Dee xxx

  • ouch! hope you manage to get some sleep.

  • Hi michaelb62

    Oh dear! I sincerely hope that you are starting to feel a bit better now? You should have rung for an ambulance! (sorry that is the parent instinct in me). It sounds absolutely horrendous and I am so sorry to read that you have hurt yourself in this way.

    I genuinely hope that when you see your GP tomorrow that he can give you something, at least for the pain, and I want to wish you the best of luck at the opticians as well.

    Please take care and let us all know how you get on?


  • sorry to hear about your fall and I hope you recover soon. I think moving in with your daughter will make you feel safer. I live alone and I do suffer falls so I have now got care call and this does make me feel safer as if I have a fall and I really hurt myself or cannot get up I just press the button which I wear round my neck.



  • Sorry to hear the floor came up and met you - sorry it is horrid especially when you are on your own.

    Michael have you told anyone that you had a bit of a tumble?

    So today you see a Doctor well good luck with that. When you get back let us know how it went please.

    Take care xgins

  • It brings up a good self support point. Avoiding the concept of disability, Not all of us can have some sort of sheltered accommodation, BUT as long as you're conscious and your dialling hand works a mobile phone can be a life saver. I don't have a land line at all and the mobile is pretty well always in a pocket, so it may be painful but I can always summon help, be it 999 or phone a friend. Living alone with a very poor support network has made me fairly resilient and self reliant, but that won't work for ever for me nor works for everyone.

  • Sorry to hear about your fall, if you have done that much damage to you what on earth have you done to the poor floor? :) I hope you are not in too much more pain today, and make sure you get a good check over by the doc. Take care, Susan x

  • Big hugs Hun I hope ur pain eases soon x

  • Really sorry to hear that you had a fall. I hope your GP can give you something to ease the pain and any bruising you might have. Try and take it easy, it can be quite a shock to the system. I sincerely hope you feel a bit better soon.

    Gentle ((hugs))

    Tannels xx

  • just sending lots of hugs sue xxxxx

  • sorry to here you you have had a bad fall but you should have summoned help & been checked for your injuries make sure you get a good check over at doctors and pain releif

    you will feel much safer when you move in the bungalow with your daughter take care big hugs xx

  • My dr was a complete waste if time he didn't exMine me or anything and yet it's clear from my eye that I fell hard. Some of the swelling has gone down and the burning and throbbing has stopped. I will be changing my gp when I move and I just hope the new dr will be better. I feel like I have been hit but a bus today. Thank you for your kind words xx

  • Are you ok I fell going ing my neighbours front door a couple of years ago I had my hands full with his cat in a carrier I landed face first on the floor I thought I'd broken my nose but luckily I hadn't bt I did rench my hip I was in agony for weeks, falling is so easy for us I do hope you had relatively pain free fall, and heal fast .

  • Thanks Sthandra I gave myself a black eye and took the skin off the side of my face it seems to have aggravated an already flare up my hands are really bad at the moment and i'm supposed to be trying to pack for a house move on Tuesday so now have reinforcements coming to help tomorrow and monday as i just can't lift stuff at all. dr refuses to do steroid injections which is what i need. But one I've moved i'm going to try and find a new GP see if i can get better help.

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