I'm unwell at the moment. On two crutches/wheelchair, I've had two letters from the council, one saying they're changing my tenancy agreement and the other one is they want to inspect my flat.

At the moment all I do is work or rest so I can work. Husband works too. The flat is a mess and piles of washing are everywhere in the bedroom. Random things that we don't have anywhere to store are in the living room and my pup ate some of the floor tiles I put in the hallway. I've got 2 weeks until this woman (we don't get on) comes to pass judgement on my home and I can't clean/tidy. What am I going to do!!?? I'm really stressed out about this. Any ideas ?

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  • It is not this persons job to pass judgement on your home, her concern should be only that it is structurally sound and everything the council is responsible for is being met. As for housework, if it is worrying you, just try to do one job a day, if that means putting things in black bags and hiding them in a wardrobe do that, get a small mat where the tiles are missing, ensure it isn't a tripping hazard. Also if you need any home adaptions to help you cope this person is the one to ask in the first instance. You are doing the best you can and if this person makes you feel awkward in your home , complain. I wish you well. Lou xx

  • Thanks lou

    this is the housing officer that emailed me on Christmas eve to threaten me with eviction over £60 rent arrears after knowing that I'd just been made redundant and was waiting for my housing benefit to kick in. She makes me feel an inch high every time. Last time she walked into my bedroom without asking then moaned about the fact I had a pile of dirty washing on top of the laundry hamper. Really worried about it.

  • That is NOT her place at all, make sure you have someone with you xxx

  • As Lou says she should be there to just inspect that the flat is undamaged and no major repairs required not to pass judgement on your housework skills. Someone with such a lack of customer care should not be that sort of job as a council tenant you are a customer.

    Can I say before you read the next things that both my husband and I are ill and are trying to move house at the moment so I have been putting these strategies into place myself as we have only so much energy.

    I don't want to upset you in any way but I am going to play devil's advocate here. I know that hubby works but couldn't he do at least some of the tidying up men are as capable as women if given the opportunity.

    ow that you are back in work could you perhaps pay for a "one off" clean to get you back on track and then try to do one small job each day after that to keep things under control as this sounds as though it is an ongoing issue for you. I know when we are not well every little task seems like an uphill struggle and we have little energy so it is best to try and tidy as you go along or it all gets too much. .

    I have a laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom (our bathroom is only small by the way) so when we take our dirty clothes off at night they go straight in the laundry basket. It has a lid so it just looks like a seat so keeps all the dirties in one place. When I take things out of the dryer I now sort them straight away and put anything that does not need ironing in its place and hang other things up on coat hangers and then alot of the creases drop out so less ironing. Even tidying things up into neat piles makes a place look better even if you have nowhere to put them permanently away.

    Could you buy some cheap stacking boxes with labels on to keep things in that you do not have a permanent space to store as it looks much neater. If you haven't used an item in a while could you get rid of it. I put items like that in a box and if I had not had to go back into the box to retrieve it in a set period it went to the charity shop which has helped no end with the clutter that we had tended to accumulate and it gave us much more free space to show off the things we really wanted to keep.

    Good luck with it all hope the inspection isn't as bad as you fear, let us know how it goes. Wish I could send you a cleaner down the internet.xxx

  • You sound just like me. My sons shirts are hung on coat hangers in the bathroom until i can iron them.

    Art and craft items are under the coffee table in nice neat piles. :)

    Our bedroom is a bit of a mess at the moment with camping bedding, towels ect waiting to be put into shrink bags, but that means getting the flipping vacuum upstairs. :(

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. If this person complains then can you not make a complaint yourself about this employee?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Just do your best its all that you can do.

    Hugs Sue.

  • I've never heard of an inspection like this and have been in social housing, first council then housing association for twenty two years. Why does she need to inspect?

  • They have changed all our tenancy agreements and want to do an inspection to make sure we're abiding by the changes. There doing it to everyone all at the same time. The whole street is been inspected on the 27th.

  • Oh don't like the sound of that would feel invasive. Hope it all goes well for you. They should take into account your health problems. Good luck.

  • Yeah its not nice, she basically just snoops in every room of the house then makes judgements on what she wants you to sort

  • She best not touch the fibro den or I'll be having word's with the witch lol x x x

  • Thats disgusting dont think it should be allowed.

  • Put a little sign on your front door saying 24hr cameras are operating on the premises.

    Record the events with your phone!

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