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Had a fall today :(

Hi all.

Got up to go and turn my bath off and some how got tripped over by my wires from laptop :/ still not sure how it happened...

Anyway feel on to all fours :'( grazed my right knee and hurt my right wrist, so my knee bled for a bit and I put antiseptic cream on and kept wiping away any blood..

But I'm in bed now in pain with my knee wrist and mainly my left hip. I will have to strap my wrists up for a bit as there pretty sore. Also have some pain across the tops of my shoulder blames and on or around my tailbone.

Do you think I'd be going over the top by getting checked over at my GP?

I am also waiting for some new medication to beginning with a 'G' can't remember the name, but just waiting for it.

I'm think I might try and push to see my FMA specialist as my referral was sent in November and I still having been to see anyone yet.. I did try my GP 2 weeks ago and they said they were going to chase it up bit I haven't heard anything yet :(

I'm a little thankful I feel in my flat and not outside as the damage might have been worse.. But I still fell on a hard flooring as it's just wood and carpet that it.

Thanks x

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Hi there

Just wanted to offer my commiserations on your fall. I hope that you are beginning to feel bit better. I don't think it would be too much to see your GP after all, it is what they get paid for.

Are you referring to gabapentin? Just a thought!

Get well soon.

Ken x


Hi Ken,

Yes I think that's the one, I saw the pain clinic about 3-4 weeks ago and still haven't hear about my new prescription :(



ooo susan,ouch! that looks really sore,would it be gabepentin you mean? if you feel you need to get checked out then yes go & see your g.p,i really do hope youre better soon x


Hi bluebell,

Yes I think it is that, still waiting for my prescription as my appointment from pain clinic was 3-4 wks ago. I'm thinking about seeing how I get on over the weekend then maybe seeing them. As I don't want to feel like an pain. Xx


hope your'e feeling better today,you won;t be a pain going to see gp,while your there you could ask about your prescription,i had to do that they didn't call me but thats another story,im changing gp as i don't feel comfortable with mine.take care xx


ouchy that looks sore! Silly you for a minute I thought you meant you had taken your laptop into the bathroom and that is a definite no no. But you meant near your chair do take care.

Now how is it this morning do you still feel bad if so yes do go and checked out. Have you started you new medicine yet?

Good luck take it gently today



Hi Gins,

No I haven't still waiting on a phone call to say my script is ready.. I'm 3 weeks later of my appointment and still haven't heard anything :( which is a pain.

I haven't taken my laptop into the bathroom.



I am so pleased it would have gone FZZzzzz pop nasty :D

Ring up the surgery and hasten your prescription please.



That looks painful. How are you feeling today?

Sometimes a fall can really shake you up. You are almost worried about touching joints in case they have broken.

I know that feeling. I fell in the street once, nothing broken, but cried my eyes out. I felt such an idiot as people rushed to help, but I think it's shock, just didn't expect to be on the ground.

Take it easy, you'll probably have a few bruises coming out today. If you are still worried, then definitely see the doc.



Thanks nancy,

My knee is still very painful. I will ring my GP to see if they have received a letter for my new medication.

Soon as I fell I imminently thought I was going to suffer with FMA backlash and I was right :(

But it was once I was in bed that the pain hit me :( not good but I got comfortable on my electric blanket and waited for it to subside, be cause I've learned crying gets you no where even if it makes you feel a lil bit better x


Very gentle hugs so as not to cause you more pain. I would certainly go see your GP to get things checked.

I hope you feel better really soon. Make sure you are gentle with yourself. Apart from the injuries you can see, falling can really shake you up.




hope you're feeling ok now, even if you are bruised and sore. I fell on my knee a while back and months later still have to be very careful with my knee - it's surprising how often you have to kneel down on your knees! hope you heal quickly!


Hi Susan

I do hope you're feeling better now.

I've had several falls flat on my face in the main High Street. How I didn't break both my wrists I still don't know. My children were screaming and crying. I had no idea how they happened. One minute I'm walking quite normally, next thing I know I'm on the pavement!

Highly embarrassing and like Bluebell crying my eyes out. The shock is awful.

I hope you are getting Gabapentin. It can cause some weight gain, and I am on a high dose, but it really does help take the edge off the pain a bit.

I would keep ringing your GP and insist that you get your prescription. Your GP will have had the letter from the Pain Clinic and you should have got a copy too.

I'm having a dreadful day. Been feeling dizzy and very ill all day. I fell into the bath earlier (which luckily was empty) but my children had to help me get out.

How stupid did I feel!

Thinking of you


BM xx


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