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Imagine me in Elvis wig sequinned jumpsuit and dark glasses

Well since my cleaner left me,

She found a new place to dwell. (100 miles away)

My son wonders in demanding food,

From this rather untidy motel, (insert arthritic hip swivel)

Have just done some cleaning

It's made my legs so weak,

My fibro is protesting

I,m gonna lock myself away and shriek.....

Curls one side of lip, winks.

Thank you very much

I think I will be glad at the end of next week when my OH goes back to work, now he has made a rather speedier recovery than thought he's back to making more work for me...... Anyone want to swap a husband for a cleaner???????

VG x

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ponders the thought of husband versus cleaner..........................mmmmmmmmm rebelious but no the cleaner would stay the husband therefore would go.

As I have neither cleaner nor husband just live in sin with OH who is some 12 years my senior and getting older by the day it has to be said saving factor is ability to make me laugh :)

Now do we now Blue suede shoes Oh has a pair they are littering up the dinning room as we speak



Looks a Gins in admiration ... You have your own rl Elvis impersonator AND a pair of blue suede shoes littering your dining room and you haven't fallen over them yet,,,, oh my .... my mind has gone into overdrive am imagining your OH standing on dining room table doing his Elvis act with you throwing your knickers at him.. I think I need a lie down to recover

VG x


My bridget Jones knickers have yet to be thrown- I would probably miss and knock over the candelabra. These things must be performed by candle light it is so much kinder on the skin don't you agree or have you gone for a lie down?

I am about to have afternoon nap in front of TV some old movie will do me fine xgins


Gins please if you are going to throw your knickers at your OH performing as Elvis lit by candlelight make sure you do it before your nap... Though i would love to see you explain to the fire brigade how you threw your knickers at your OH who was dressed as Elvis and you knocked over the candles and promptly fell asleep

VG x


Still giggling at this, you two are a pair! Always raises a smile, giggle and chuckle too - great therapy! :) :P


Lol having a bad day and this cheered me up no end. (how did I know just from the title whose post it was :-D can't read the username on my iPhone without enlarging the screen)

Thanks guys

I've been feelin so swollen baby

Hm Marilyn Storm would be a nice name if I ever get famous


Wonderful! You two should be script could make a fortune and make the nation a happier place ;-) Jane x


Husband....cleaner....husband......cleaner....think I would prefer a cleaner. And the thought of you in that get up lol, my sides are sore enough without laughing too. My hubby does help out when needed, but never does things the way I like. And he is a DIY fanatic who likes to make a huge mess before he gets the jobs done lol xxxxx


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