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Experiences of the race meeting/concert

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to manage. Can't sleep so thought I'd give you an outline of what it was like. Rather a long rant I'm afraid.

Couldn't find the blue badge parking but a helpful man let us park in the season ticket holders car park.

Got inside and was eventually directed up in the lift to the disabled viewing area on the balcony next to where all the private, expensive parties are. Given two chairs from the outdoor bar. So far so good as we had good views of the race course and stage.

I was told to go downstairs to the toilet but disabled one shut because floor wet as had only just been cleaned and the other one was on the other side of the very busy foyer. So went outside to the one with the RADAR key which turned out to be full of rubbish! So I found a supervisor who came back upstairs with me and showed me the one on the first floor which I was apparently allowed to use, although I got suspicious looks from the security desk.

Then we were told that we weren't supposed to be using the chairs because we were a fire hazard being in the area near the steps which were the fire escape. Wheelchair users can sit but carers have to stand - 3-4 hrs if watching races and concert. They obviously didn't know what to do with someone who can walk with aids but can't stand. We argued the toss and kept the chairs until the concert started but when we had to move because some prat from security deliberately stood in front of us hubby's chair was taken away and I think they would have happily taken mine too, except they didn't know what to do with me because I wasn't sitting in a wheelchair!!

We were in the most exposed part of the grandstand and it was freezing cold and the acoustics were hopeless so we left before the end.

The tickets were very expensive and yet we were treated like second class citizens in a very well known racecourse I will email them later on with a few choice comments!

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I am sorry that things turned out so badly. It is about time that ALL public places took note of what a less abled persons needs are. It is disgraceful to treat any one like that. It is as though they think shoving us up a corner some where is good enough.

They wouldn`t dare treat able bodied people like this or very soon no one would go there.

Well thats my rant over And I hope you are feeling ok today.

Lots of hugs sue xxx


Thanks Sue

Felt exhausted yesterday, but better today especially after a brief visit from my elder son who will shortly be moving to live near us.

Hope you are having a good weekend. xx


Thanks for getting back to us. It helps to write about it I think. I can't believe that they hassled you with your disability so obvious. You were indeed treated like a second class citizen. Maybe if you ever go to another event, you can check ahead of time and see if they have wheelchairs available. Or rent one?

I am truly sorry it turned out to be such a bust, but I am glad your hubby agreed to cut it short. Who would know you would need a winter coat at this time of year.I hope it hasn't soured you from ever going to an event again. Maybe only choose those which are inside. Hugs from me too.



The more I think about it the more angry I feel. I won't be going to any more events at the racecourse; as my husband says racing and a concert don't really mix.

Got tickets for a concert in our local park on Thursday but that should be ok because we can take chairs and whatever needed to keep dry/war . If it is very wet it won't be the end of the world if we miss it as it is in aid of the local hospice.

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So sorry it was such a disatrous evening. I can't believe the disabled toilet that you use the RADAR key was full of rubbish on such an important occasion and the other one had just been cleaned. The seating arrangements for you were absolutely ludicrous,. We thought all places like that were supposed to be disabled friendly. It is awful when you can't move around very well to be freezing cold that is the British weather for you. I think next time you need to ring up before booking tickets and find out exactly what provisions are made for the disabled and then if they don't provide what they promise ask for your money back. What a bummer as they say. I can understand why you are now wondering why you made the effort. Sincerely hope your next outing is more enjoyable. Big warm hugsx



I don't think they could get their heads round the arcane idea that you can't be disabled if you are not in a wheelchair!

No way am I going back again! But it won't put me off. We are going to an air show in a couple of weeks time and I have been told that the facilities are good, so fingers crossed! x


Its appalling how the able bodied haven't a clue. 10 YEARS ago the disability act made it compulsory to adapt to disabilities. I still see toilet used as stores because people don't realise - or even care - how much room you need for manoeuvre whether in a chair, or on crutches, or a stick or even just in PAIN.

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Fortunately I can use the normal Ladies most of the time unless there is a massive queue or minute cubicles. Otherwise I would find it very difficult to get out and about as so few places have disabled facilities. And even if they do they are out of order half the time.

And of course women have been discriminated against for years. It infuriates me the number of times there is one toilet for women/disabled/baby change and another separate one for men. But I won't go further on this subject or I will be here all night.


Likewise Hugs and fluffies to you


Hi panda60

I am so sorry to read that it was such a difficult night and I am always flabbergasted by our society that has a disability discrimination act and then does nothing about it? I genuinely hope that you are feeling better now, and please take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks Ken

It was the first time I have experienced such blatant discrimination and it was a real shock. Yesterday I felt exhausted and had a dreadful headache but have been better today and it is not so hot which helps.

Hubby has had an email asking for feedback on the event and how they could improve things. It looks like it was sent to everyone who purchased tickets. Suggests that they have complaints from people who are not disabled. Boy oh boy are they going to get a few comments from us!

Hope all is well with you. x


I agree that a complaint to the powers that be is in order. It is I am sure against the law not to provide for the physically handicapped, or any other handicaps for that matter..


I can imagine that you are going to go to town on that one, sock it to them right between the eyes. Hope you enjoy the air show and have better luck therex


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