Doggy tale

Here is a heartwarming story. We were going to Germany for the wend just before Christmas, and left our two 12yr old lurchers

with my daughter. On the night we were off she rang to say one of them had slipped out of the front door and run off in the dark. I didn't,t want to go, but my husband persuaded me, we had a pact not to discuss it while we were away,. My daughter and family went out searching and put notices up everywhere, and informed the dog warden. When we got back she was still missing and we were all devastated, especially my son in law who blamed himself. Six whole days and nights later we had a call from the dog warden that she was found! An office had opened their back door and there she was on their doorstep! Luckily she was chipped and the dog warden rang us. She has taken about 10 days to recover, but for us this was a Christmas miracle! We can't stop thanking the office that found her!

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  • Thank God your story had a happy ending! I bet she has taken a while to recover and I expect you have too! I bet you are spoiling her rotten now. Hope you don't have any more doggy misadventures. Take care. Cuddles for your babies. Hugs Saskia XX

  • Hi saskia, Thanx for your reply. Yes, she,s being spoilt, I can't resist covering her with a blanket every time I pass by, being part whippet I don,t think she minds! Hugs to you too! Xx

  • so glad your story ended happily.ever since I lost my first dog I have a recurring dream that he runs off fro whatever reason and doesn't come home then i learn he is no longer alive.

  • Thank you for your reply, vi am so sorry you lost your dog, I lost one when I was very young, you never forget do you? Xxxx

  • Wonderful. Glad your dog was chipped. and this was a happy ending

  • Oh I am so pleased your story had a happy ending, as I read it my heart was filled with dread, but phew I'm so so pleased she was found and is now back recuperating with you. :-) I'm sure she will be fine in a little while, she must have been fairly traumatised poor love.

    Quite a few years ago I had my first jack russell and much as I hated it, I always put her in kennels as her middle name was Houdini and I knew if I left her with friends she would most certainly vanish.

    It is almost a physical pain when they go missing isn't it, many are the hours I spent worrying about dear Gertie, when she'd been doing a tour of the local badger sets, I would wind myself up into a complete bundle of tears and fears, but she always managed to come back, sometimes a bit worse for wear. The worst one was on the day of my 40th birthday and she went into a hedgerow that we didn't normally go near and bang...... One minute she was there, the next vanished, I called and called and eventually cld hear her underground barking but getting weaker, so I like any sensible fibromite would, set to with a spade and dug her out, just in the nick of time though as she had been caught by her collar on a root. that was the last time any did of mine has worn a collar, they wear slip leads if we are going on roads, which doesn't happen very often, and they are microchipped.

    I am just so pleased for you :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanx foggy, I think if you love dogs you have a big heart, and dogs know that. I,m up really late tonite, got stuck on a game , tut, one of my lurchers always nannys me and comes to fetch me to go to bed, she does the same when it's time for my afternoon rest - god love 'em! Xxxx

  • Aww love it, dogs are far more clever than some give them credit for, you know there are some who can help diagnose cancer, I don't know how, but I know it has happened.

    Enjoy your afternoon rest :-)

    Foggy x

  • i am very happy for you get your beloved pet back my bruno is 15 had since 8 weeks age love him to bits

  • Thank you, she,s being spoilt at the moment!

  • I'm glad it all turned out well for your girl. I have 3 old girls and worry terrible about leaving them behind. I would have freaked out. lots of hugs x

  • Oh thank you, I love my two sooo much! Hugs to you tooxxx

  • What a lovely story extra special Xmas for you xx

  • Yes indeed, we,re so lucky xx

  • How terrible for you, so glad you got her back :)

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