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finally depression has got me

i was winning depresion battle but due to my stupidity ilost my purse today i know its not end of the world i only had £80 in it my cards and buspass but i cant stop crying i know someone picked up outside shop and asked at the tills if anyone was looking for a purse wouldnt leave it in shop and said they would hand in to police 6hrs ago so slight chance i may get it back i have so many silly misshaps gone through so many phones so dont know why im so upset about this one.

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I had my handbag stolen from my workplace in January and like you I just couldn't stop crying. I had a really bad panic attack that night and to be honest it still upsets me to think about it.

The thieves were never caught so I never got anything back. Hopefully someone decent may have found it and you will get it back. Have you cancelled your bank cards so they can't be used ?


let's hope they hand it in to the police.

its easy to lose it in these busy shops we don't get a minute to check the change let alone put your purse away, before they're on to the next customer.

cancel your cards asap and try not to let it spoil things.




i have thank you there is a chance i may get it back my husbands anoyed at the shop he thinks they shouldnt have let the man leave the shop with it


I know you are upset but there are nice people out there if they went into the shop chances are they will hand it in to the police... I lost my bus pass a few months ago and someone found it on the floor and took it to the bus depot where I collected it... There was no need for them to do it as it has my photo on no one else could use it... But they did so fingers crossed your purse turns up intact at the police station

Wishing the best for you VG x


Do hope you get your purse and contents back. It is understandable that you are upset. I would be too.

Good luck. Let us know if it is returned to you.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


thank u all already feeling a bit better looking forward to spending tomorrow at my sons for family lunch and giving all 5 grandchildren there christmas presents so will try to


get soom sleep they will put a smile back on my face


Have you reported the loss to your local police station Linlit. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your purse, I hope it turns up and someone hands it in. Did you have your contact details inside so someone might be able to contact you if they found your purse?!

I hope things don't feel so bad in the morning, take care.

(((hug))) xxx



no contact details and my son phoned police for me i know man found it and said he was going to hand it in but he hasent yet tomorrow i am going to call shopping center security to see if he handed it in there also not sure if bus pass has adress on it would have been better if he had left it with the staff at poundland of all places to lose it i would have it back now thank u for caring


morning just read ur post and i hope you wake up feeling a bit better i know what its like to have things stolen from you and lose things too its a nasty feeling , but hopefully fingers crossed someone will be honest and return whats urs x have a lovely pre family xmas day and dont get down hugs and happy xmas :) xx


yes there are i have phoned shopping center security it was handed in with evrything in it unfortonally the man didnt leave his name or contact details i would like to give him a reward but i will leave my nummber with security he m thanknay inquire if it was picked up for urthank u all for the kind thoughs and words


Oh that is good. That must be a real relief.


managed to get his name and nummber



My Wife has lost her purse a few times(???) but it is always nice to get one's faith in human nature restored by simple deeds like that. As my wife says it is all the other things in there that are unable to be replaced or are expensive to get replaced.

Hope you manage to get on top of the down side and enjoy Christmas with all the nice things that can happen.

Kindest regards



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