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Can I have a moan?

Had a bad week with pain; my arms, my joints and mostly my face and teeth, toothache under the banner of fybro in 14 teeth at once, as well as my sinus and jaw and my knee has swelled. My doctor won't commit to anything and offers me no advice or recognition even though he says it's probably fybro, cos there is no clinical test he can only say it's probable. Work are not helpful, told unless I'm having problems for 50 weeks a year then I'm not disabled and basically if I say off I'll get bumped and not having a sympathetic doctors means I'm on the rock and roll cos I can't get help. I'm on gabapentin 6 tablets a day and 1 citalopram on top of that I can't take ibuprofen cos of citalopram and so I drop codeine, which tbh is the only other thing I can take that works a bit on the pain or at least lets me sleep through it. Although sleeping is just as bad, cos I wake up and the first thought is "can I move" what's gone wrong over night? WAHHHHHHH soz everyone I know I'm not the only one and there are people worse off, but having a moan just sort of helps :-) take care all xx

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Hi ask to be tested for sjorgrens syndrom ,are your eye and mouth dry , eyes gritty and sore two ,you have so much going on you don't always realise how many more little bits are connected. I use oil of cloves on my teeth ,I heat pack my eyes and chin and also codeine is the only thing that touches my pain .

I have fibro sjorgrens , chronic fatigue , Gilbert's , pysroisis ,raynalds there more but can't remember whole list. My GP has just prescribed me sleeping pills ,last week 14 day supply as I a ent slept in months to be honest the first night great. But now I sleep but not restful my hands wake me up. The one thing I move constantly so as soon as I stop the pain kicks in like there's no tomorrow ,

I hope you get some answer soon but I always think the drugs they treat us with are always the same so I don't worry about labels. But do try oil of cloves on your teeth it's made things a bit easier .

Take care

Shadow 😊


Hi, we all need to moan now & then and this is the place to do it without being judged and jeered at. Hope you feel better soon. Soft hugs xx


Moan away this is the best place to do it better out than in as they say. We just sometimes all feel the need to let the stress out. I would make an appt at your nearest CAB to get advice about work. Is there any possibility of changing your doctor to someone who has a more positive attitude and can help you work towards something that will help your symptoms. Unfortunately, just when I have found one I will be moving out of his catchment area!

I am sure you are not alone in wondering each morning what is happening, I always hope somehow that I will get up okay but no it is the constant stiffness and pain no miracle has happened overnight unfortunately.

Oil of cloves can be good and when all my teeth are on edge like that and the gums aching I swill some Difflam around my mouth and that does seem to help numb the pain a bit. Also using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and putting some of the paste on your fingers and rubbing it around teh gums can also help.

Hope you will soon be feeling a bit better.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. Please feel free to moan away as it is what we are here for.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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HI Everyone I just wanted to say thanks for your support (I hope I am replying to everyone!) and for your suggestions, never thought of a couple of those and will be trying them! My doctor is actually a good doctor, well better than my previous one, but I think that it's just lucky if you get one that takes this "pain" on board, I think the issue is that it's seen as something that isn't going to kill me or can be cured, so the attitude is learn to live with it and get on with it, which I think we all do, as we have no choice. And if someone tells me again that i'm just getting old I think I might wallop them lol thanks again folks much appreciated xxx


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