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Having to have a moan, sorry guys

I went shopping this afternoon, had to come home early, cried all the way home while driving, quite difficult to do I have to say. I hate moaning coz I know there are people much much worse off than me, but things get me down, especially the fibro, when first went shopping straight away I had to buy a pair of boots, and a hoody for my daughter, she had to go back to,work so I carried them round with me, just that was making my muscles hurt in my arms, how rediculous. My neck, back hurt and my legs felt like they had weights on them, I'm only little 5ft 1 and quite light. I'm 50 but feel like an 80 year old. The doctors will only give me Prozac, which I won't take and had have never ever given to me anything for the pain, I've had fibro for 14 yrs. Not only that the doctors have made me come off my HRT, and I have lost my bust, I would say 2 cup sizes, and they look horrible. Trying things on didn't help and having to look for those bras that make you look 2 sizes bigger, didn't even look right. I sooo which they could find the right thing to help fibromyalgia, cos I'm finding it harder to do things and different things starting to to hurt that didn't before.

I am sooo frustrated, fed up, and down in the dumps. Oh and upset.

Doctors are crap....

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Hi littlejan, Just read your post as I was logging off to go get some lunch, and wanted to give you a Big, Very Gentle, Hug. Will pop back and talk more in a bit - tummy in need of soup atm, sorry. Will be back, as I think someone once said! Julie xxx


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Prozac? There is a whole list of meds recommended for Fibro - for what reason will your GP not prescribe any of them? Mind you I only take Amitriptyline, and the Rheumy says to take an SSRI as well but my GP seems reluctant to prescribe at the moment so the rheumy is going to write to my GP with some suggestions for meds to try me on................hope you get some relief soon. Have you tried alternative things? I'm having acupuncture, do Pilates and meditation classes also walking group.


Hi littlejan, I am 57 and have had fibromyalgia form15+ years, I am at the point where I cant manage without pain relief, I would ask to be refered to the pain clinic. I had to smile at predicament over your size, I am 6ft in height and can't get things to fit, we are never happy are we? Sending youngentle hugs and healing light!


Sunnygirl2 I was on Amitrptyline for years, took myself off them as they did not help with the pain, they also put me on nortryptoline but after 4 days had to come off them, felt like a zombie, the tabs they suggest now is fluoxetine (Prozac) after me sending the doc an heart felt letter explaining how bad I feel and that I don't want anymore anti depression tabs, he just ignored it and said this is all they can give me.


oh dear its a difficult one then isn't it? but the Amitripyline is really only to help you sleep, then supposedly if you sleep better the pain improves a little, I'm really struggling this cool, damp weather, I enjoyed walking this morning but then felt terrible when I got home, nd got into my Pj's at half 3, I find codeine the only actual pain killer that helps, paracetamol is useless for me also anti-inflammatories don't help as its not inflammatory, I would ask to be referred to a pain clinic, I have asked but the criteria here is you have to have tried 2 meds first before you can go.........x


Sunnygirl2 where do you live then?


I am so sorry. Fibro for 14 years and no real treatment? Where are the ethics on that? You need something for pain and I know there are drugs like gapentin, amytryptiline (never can spell that one), and others that FMs are given. Can you find a different doctor or get to a pain clinic?

I just read through the replies and I see others have had good questions and advice. I can't imagine why a pain clinic would insist you have tried two other meds first. Aren't they there to offer you the help you need no matter what? Seems crazy to me, but the health systems don't seem to always work to help patients. I hope you get what you need and soon. You shouldn't have to have this pain and suffering.


Hi littlejan

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in so much pain and I genuinely hope that you are feeling more like your usual self again now? Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


My mum gave me her old Sholley trolley the four wheeled type. At first I balked at it as at 56 I thought they were what old people used. It is a god send for shopping, no heavy bags to carry and very stable for walking.


Hi Littlejan, shhopping is a nightmare, I loathe it. Same as you with carrying anything at all, dont even use a handbag most of time. Is it possible to change to another doctors, one with a bit of knowledge of fibro ? There are plennty of meds you could try, gabapentin, pregablin, ibuprofen, amitriptyline just some of them. I do hope you get some help soon, you sound quite depressed with it all now, which is totally understandable after 14 years. I have struggled with fibro for 14 years too and I also find acapuncture and bowen therapy very helpful, as well as hydrotherapy and meditation. All the best,


I feel your pain.

Your doctor obviously is not 'caring' for you, if he has not given you any medication to cope with your pain. And you are definitely NOT caring for yourself, know your limitations and stick to it! if your daughter really understood your problems, then why should she expect you carry her shopping around? The more you stretch your limits, the more damage, (as you have found) you do to yourself, it is hard lesson to learn, because none of us wants to feel 'unable'.

Perhaps on your next doctors appointment, book a double one if you can, so you have a bit more time to talk about your issues. You need to keep pushing him, first find out how much he knows about the illness itself, as some may have heard of it, but not ever dealt with it! Provide him with information off sites like these, and back it up with how you feel you are affected. Ask to be referred to a Rheumatologist, for a proper diagnosis etc, but you need him to take you seriously.

Be warned though that if you are lucky, painkillers can really help, if your not lucky, then they only serve to dampen the pain down a bit, and don't help at all in a flare-up. There is a plethora of drugs he can prescribe for you, and it's a hit n' miss process. He may have taken you off the HRT, because of the Prozac, but if you're not taking the tablets you need to tell him. If all that still fails, then change your doctor!!

However, the most important advice I have to give you, is about how you feel about yourself. The fact that you have been prescribed Prozac, suggests that your doctor is treating you for depression; which would explain the down in the dumps feeling, and generally being negative about yourself. The Prozac with lift your feelings, which in turn, makes you feel better about yourself. Why are you concerned about taking them, is because of things you have heard? Or someone else' experience? All I would say, is remember every person is different and responds differently to medication.

I too have experienced the awful feeling when out shopping, it is so soul destroying, but the truth of the matter is, is that it is just 'our' perspective, of how we look. If you're already feeling down and miserable, then of course, you will not see a pretty image in the mirror. And by the way, mirrors 'do lie'.

It was after a similar experience to yours, that I returned home, feeling so low, so un-sexy, so drab, that I was almost in tears. But I did something, that changed all that!

I stood in front my mirror at home, and really scrutinised myself, bit by bit. I then said to myself, looking into my own eyes, "I will never view myself in a negative light again". Whenever, I start to feel that way again, I repeat the exercise. I then went through all my clothes, tried everything on, and got rid of anything that made me look or feel dowdy or just not good about myself. I changed my morning routine with myself, every day I still look into my small mirror and really 'see' myself, I now use a little bit of makeup, but I no longer see or feel anything negative about myself.

All women are beautiful, it's in their very essence, but you need to learn to see that beauty within yourself, and once you have discovered it, you will realise just how lovely you really are.

Hope this has been of help, good luck and take your meds, they've been given to you for a reason.

Sx :)


I think you did well, going shopping trying things on and carrying bags around with you.

No wonder you was in pain and crying, not a good ideal to drive while you cry a bit different to seeing with tears falling.

I have had fibro for years as well as other things and I can tell you if I go shopping and try clothes on I am then in pain all over just like how you fell, let alone carrying bags, and yes I am on pain killers.

In the winter I fine it hard to do thing as I get so tired and my body aches etc.

I would go back to your GP and ask for a referral to see doctor at hospital ie pain doctor etc .

Yes there are different med out there, normal gabapentin, Co-codamol, Tramadol and lots more you need to find what helps you.

Yes I don't like taking tablet, but I would like to go outside my front door and see whats out there, so I take tablets to help me do that.

Good luck and hoping you fell a bit better soon.


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