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HELP! Can anyone recommend a good muscle relaxant? ( not Diazepam)

I'm in a really, really, really bad flare-up. Worst in years! I'm quite literally at my wits end. I'm seeing my pain specialist tomorrow - who, btw, is lovely and a real help. All except that I get hardly any pain meds.

I'm on Co-codamol (30/500) and Ibuprofen ( 400mg) I also get diazepam, but only 14 tablets about every other month. I have MST (30mg) but only take when I really need to. ( I'm not very good at taking meds regularly - except the co-codamol. Tp be honest, the Diazepam doesn't really do very much for the muscle spasms..and I know it's not a 'real' muscle relaxant. In France ( when I used to live over there) I was on a drug called Tetrazepam. This is a 'real' muscle relaxant ( and not used for anything but) Diazepam was called Vallium back in the day and is primarily used for anxiety. So, before I leave in the morning, have any of you been put on a really good muscle relaxant? I broke my neck which cause the Fybro..and last Summer I was in a car accident and still have sever whiplash...the spasms in my neck..are unbearable..and nothing works to alleviate it. I, like most of you out there have tried so many drugs..but not with much luck. Thanks in advance. *sigh*

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Hiya, good luck today, let us know how it goes.

I can't help I'm afraid, I'm on Ropinirole and Gabapentin for my RLS, they're muscle relaxants - I think. Bit foggy today and really tired, sorry.

Sue x


My G.P gave me Baclofen and I can take them with the clonazepam that I was already on.

Iv`e taken them now as I`m rigid with the muscle spasms and about ready to scream.

I keep twitching at the momement and have managed to throw a hot cup of tea over myself.But I think thats from coming off one drug and starting Gabapetin.

Have been awake all night and kept checking site for someone to chat with.

It`s going to be another no no day and the dust is getting thicker as I type.

Watching Jeremy Kyle show can`t understand a word they are saying.In a few more years we won`t understand a word these kids say anymore.:)p.

Thats got nothing to do with your question but I really should find something more relaxing to watch lol.:)d Hugs


Now that winds me up as well my little faces work some times and then the next they wont.

RELAX those wings Butterfly :)p


Hiocean deep,

I have heard about baclofen, but never taken it myself.

I am on amitriplyn which helps with my morning stiffness and gabapentin which helps with nerve pain and my twitches.

I am going to ask about something for my legs though as when i go to bed they are agony and it feels like all my muscles are moving and contracting, if thats the word sorry fibro fog lol.

kel xxx


Just back and thanks for the replies, everyone. He suggests that this major flare-up is mainly due to my Hormone fluctuations ..and has asked my doc ( whom I'm seeing in an hour) for Gabapentin- short term and Codeine ( separate )....also wants me to have aqua fit...under medical supervision ..when things settle down. I'll be sure to mention the baclofen. Again, many thanks. *hugs all round*


I was prescribed Methocarbamol for my pain in my muscles. I only take it when it's too bad for me to control with painkillers. It works a treat, it takes away the red hot tingles and the horrible feeling that someone's ripping my muscles out, it calms everything down and makes it bearable again. My consultant prescribed these tablets for me 2 x 750mgs.


Amitriptyline is a really good muscle relaxant, if you don't mind feeling a bit spaced out (woozy)


I have been told that Baclofen is very good drug used for MS my DR has given me Quinine again but have been told not to take it as can harm your eyesight as told by a friends rheumy so will wait until I go back again and try something else as the spasms in my calves are so bad at times more so at night,

Hugs Ruby x


Well, after my visit on Tuesday, I've been put on Gabapentin - short term - as they know, I'll come off when I flare-down..always do..hate meds etc! lol. My doc called me this morning to see how I was feeling ( such a caring, compassionate man! ( can you believe his first name is really, and truthfully called Angel!!..and boy! If ever God sent Angels to be doctors..then he's definitely one!!)) I mentioned to him about having to see an independent French doctor about this whiplash case....and the French lawyers are gonna need all my medical records..he said...don't worry, when they ask for them, he'll call me in and we can go over everything to make sure that everything he's wrote-up about my whiplash and subsequent fybro flare-up - all due to having to give up my little job ( docs advise) and the perfect and correct! Now you can't ask any better than that can you! So, been on the Gabapentin. liquid morphine, diazepam and paracetamol and codeine for 3 day's now...never mind the feeling Feeling a wee bit better..but still in quite a lot of pain. Doc say's he'll call me on Wednesday and if no better, he want's me fingers crossed..everything does the job. *gentle hugs, everyone* :)


Have you tried baclofen or methocarbamol? I found the methocarbamol good....2 x 750 mgs x 4 daily.

I was on fentanyl patches 50 mgms/72 hours and my gp changed it to mst continus and told me I'd to stop my co codamol 30/500 and patches. My pain levels have soared. As have the muscle spasms so I'm waiting for the dr to ring me to hopefully change dose, give something for the breakthrough pain and change me to halogen.

Good luck



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