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Just feel I need to write tonight , things are at home so bad I've got be moved out of my rented accommodation buy Monday to a place I have no choice to live in and haven't even looked at but I'm in no position to turn it down I've got no idea how I'm going to cope with all this as I've got nobody who really cares no parter and my kids don't care plus I've got to rely on benefits which is only little amount of money. Iv lost my mobility car as someone smashed in to it but cos I was ill at the time I had to pull over so the only person I know was my daughter boyfriend to come to drive me the rest way home cos felt so ill to drive anymore, and cos at the time I didn't stop and think he wasn't aloud to drive the car, so on top of that I've now lost my independents as I been informed by the mobility company it'd was my fault off aloud him to drive it. So I feel so so so depressed my fibo really out of control, the pain well feels like someone kniveing me. I'm so scared cos I feel that I can't carry on much more I've got no life no friends nobody's wants to help me and my kids don't care unless it's about them. I have actually got enough in. No kitchen light works as water dripping from ceiling and mouse running about .and some people around me wonder y I'm so stressed out. I see if they would cope having this evil illness plus biopir disorder and osteoarthritis all over they boby . I can't even get out now as iv lost that independents, haven't got a penny to my name I think I just can't carry on much more my boby hurts so much and my fibro fog is so unreal just can't think probably. Anyway I'm going to try and get some sleep hopefully big Fingers crossed


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I'm so very sorry your in such a bad way in your life.People do care please believe me..that's why we are all here 24/7 if you need someone.I wish you the very best . Peck.🐀



It sounds like life has been extremely hard for you.

As your present home has water coming in and you can't put the electric, on do you think maybe a move might possibly be a good thing?

Maybe this is fate and your life might take a turn for the better if you move?

I know when your low and things seem stacked against you and you're not well anything can send you in a downwards spiral, even a minor one.

It is hard to think when you're in a bad place mentally and with your health, let alone if you have a car accident. Please don't blame yourself, I think I would have done the same. I know you've lost your independence for the moment, but if you're moving etc maybe just concentrate on that first.

Please contact the Samaritans if you feel you really can't go on and maybe the citizens advice about money and about them taking your car away. If you were in shock after the accident maybe you could fight the decision.

Please do try to think that this might be fate taking a hand and might be offering you a better life. Take some deep breaths, try to rest and take your meds and see if that calms you down and helps a bit with the pain.

I really do wish you the very best of luck, don't give up!

Take care of yourself and best wishes. πŸ’

I really hope you sleep tonight , you have a lot on your plate it seems .Fibro hurts , I have been in a flare up for several days and nothing is touching it . I'm all over the place with extra meds and I'm in so much pain . Why can't it stop ? Take care of yourself and I hope we both sleep tonight xx

Hi there

I'm so sorry. I can completely understand why you are feeling so low and stressed which will of course be sending your pain levels soaring.

Do you have a Housing Officer? If so try to make an emergency appointment to see him or her. Let them know about your condition.

Do you have a Project Worker at MIND or a CPN that comes to see you? If not, why don't you contact MIND and see if you can make an appointment to go and see them?

Do you have decent pain relief for your Fibro? If not, you need to make an appointment to go and see your GP and explain your situation and that you need pain relief to tide you over.

It's very tough but you do need to take control of the situation. I know it's hard.

I will pop back and put some links at the end of this message for you. It may do you good to talk your situation through with someone. This could be someone from MIND or the Samaritans.

It is incredibly hard, but unless you try to take some control back you will continue feeling this way.

I hope you have had some sleep by the time you see this message and you can begin by ringing and finding out the name of your Housing Officer. Then you can make a list of the other things you need to do.

Make a list of all of them and then you can cross them off when you have achieved them. It will give you a good feeling of self worth.

If you feel in urgent need of help in the night call an ambulance and go to A&E and tell them how you are feeling.

Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are in the morning.

Wishing you much peace over the coming days and weeks.

Lu x

Samaritans No:


I completely understand where you are coming from, I moved into my flat almost a year ago, it's away from all family and support network. I hate it here, neighbours are rude and I've been accused of pretending to be ill because I look ok. This is a horrible invisible illness we share. Like you my family aren't much interested, my eldest daughter just expects me to be available to watch my grandchildren whenever she is working late and my youngest barely talks to me.

Everything happens for a reason or so I was told, look at moving like a new chapter in your book of life. Make what you can out of it, cry if you want/need to. You haven't given up your independence as you will live on your own and struggle through each day as it comes.

Make some plans, do shopping online. I don't know if there is such a thing where you are but there are two charities who can help - Homestart and Instant Neighbour. They have all sorts of stuff if you need anything, even carpets. Your local council should also know of other charities or the CAB would be able to advise.

The dark place you are living your life in won't suddenly become sunny and bright but talk to your GP about how you feel. It takes a lot to accept what life throws at you but you are strong, look how far you've come so far. With the knowledge that we, on this forum, are all there for you if needed are willing to take the time and help in any small way we can. Stay strong and things will work out. Try not to see the move as a negative but as a positive step forward in your life xx

Hi Bks72

I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you are having to endure and I sincerely hope that everything goes well with your move. From what you have described you may be much better off getting out of your current home as it does not sound like a good place to live?

I was wondering if you have spoken to a benefits advisor to ensure that you are getting all the money that you are entitled too? I have pasted you a link below the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) cache on this:

Benefits - CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau):

Here at FMA UK we also have a benefits adviser that you could email and she (Janet) could talk you through what other benefits you may be able to claim?

FMA UK - Benefits Adviser:

If you ever feel so low that you need somebody to talk to then please ring the Samaritans if you cannot afford to then they can ring you back! I have pasted their telephone number below:

The Samaritans UK

Telephone: 116 123 (UK)

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you so much

So sorry all this is happening to you, I am really hoping and praying that your move is going to be a God send, and is a lot better for you. I don't know about Benefits and how the Mobility system works. But I do hope you will be allowed another car soon. It is such a shame when Families don't care, and that must hurt a great deal. A very good luck with your move, and I hope you get some fantastic neighbours, and make new friends. Take care.

So sorry to read your post. I feel like the others it sounds to me that your move although I know it is a frightening prospect as I moved after 38 years last Nov could be a new beginning.

I can fully understand your low spirits with everything you gave got going with your health and life. I am sure under the circumstances that an appeal against the kids of your mobility car would be a good way to go. Do find out what support and help there is in your area.

If there is any more help we can give please ask and do let us know how you are as we worry about you. Take care.x

Oh bless you, we understand honey. I have read others comments & can't really say much more than anyone else my friend.

What you have to remember when everything gets on top of you is, constant pain makes you depressed, confused & very vulnerable & I have always found that what you believe and think is not going to be positive and bipolar disorder is (like Fibro) a very complex illnesses and when you are feeling like this there is only one way to go and that's a better way because things can't normally get any worse.

You need to think about going with the change and I think sometimes if we can't make these changes & they are needed, it gets taken away from us & things change anyway & they are usually for the better so stop stressing & worrying about it all because all that will do is make you more unwell.

It's a very hard coping on your own especially with kids & no parter or help.

That's awful about the car, I would definitely appeal because I would say you have a good case. You didn't just blatantly let someone else drive it, it was an emergency situation along with shock.

If you are on benefits I'm sure that social will pay so much for removals in some cases. As already suggested, contact CAB so you get some advise.

You must be a strong person to have got this far so find that inner strength and all will be well. You may be pleasantly surprised by your new home & maybe meet some new friends, look for one with a car ☺

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

I know it's not much, but I am sending you soft gentle hugs.

Thank you all for the lovely messages xx

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